These Days: Monday, March 27th, 2017

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Nazi Chic: Heath Campbell reportedly applied to change his last name to Hitler and a Hunterdon County judge approved it on Friday. You may remember this New Jersey local as the guy who couldn’t get “Happy Birthday Adolf Hitler” written on his son’s birthday cake. You might be scared of white supremacist but anybody this intensely stupid evokes humor and loathing. How does he make money? Who takes a look at this guy and thinks, “hmmm, he’d make a great bag boy”. How is it that 70 years after the fact there is anybody left to support the hideous, failed mass murderer.

The pivoting POTUS: With OBAMACARE reform off the table, the ballerina government turns its attention to tax reform, and they better get this right or else… Trump thinks he can make nice with the Democrats to stall the Republican extreme right, but it is equally possible to the democrats find common ground with the extreme right themselves. On the other hand, Trump’s desire to give tax cuts to the wealthy might go down much easier.

New Music: Finally getting around to listening to the new singles of the week, better than most weeks without at least Chuck Berry’s on top “Bad Boys” more than possibly the best song you’ll hear this year: Grade: A

More New Music: Walker and the Brotherhood’s deeply experimental The Great Silence of Outer Space, will leave you completely bemused but it a melodic lo tech disturbing way. According to CD Baby “Music Producer R.J. Puckhaber (RjaeIzm) teamed up with longtime musical collaborators Ed (Ace) Klinger and Walker who together have a list of collaborations that include Q-South, The Brotherhood of the Grape, Ace in the Hole and legendary Soca tracks.” It is haunting stuff, like a host in the machine not metallic mentalness.  Not to mention the slide guitar haunted “May Day” -one of the most singular and beautiful songs you’ll hear this year –  Grade: B+.

Old Music: Listening to (and watching) Elvis Aloha From Hawaii Via Satellite, it is surprisingly how it isn’t a greatest hits performance, what is missing for fans is more or less everything. After seriously noting the lack of hits (it boils down to a medley, “Blue Suede Shoes” and “Can’t Help Falling In Love”) . “Burning Love” is great but it isn’t “Heartbreak Hotel” and the medley is just “Long Tall Sally” and “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin On” and earlier “Johnny B. Goode”.

Sports: North Carolina, Oregon, South Carolina and Gonzaga. I thought Gonza but wins like the one the Tar Heels just pulled off should be enough to give them the momentum to keep on winning.



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