These Days: Monday, March 6th, 2017

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Talk Show Nights: News of a David Letterman autobiography reminds us of a more innocent age, where grumpy Letterman was getting blowjobs from interns and Merrill Markoe was asking her boyfriend whether he was dying (he suffered from extreme hypochondria apparently)  or seeing other people. Letterman: The Last Giant of Late Night,” by Jason Zinoman’s calling card appears to be that Markoe has spilled her guts so it might be a good read.

New: I am going through the singles of the week and after last weeks beaut of a week there isn’t much going on. Still, Daddy Yankee’s “Hula Hoop” is a woot. Otherwise, why did Ed Sheeran rewrite “Wonderful Tonight” for “Perfect” and is it enough for him to get sued?

Old: I went back to one of my favorite albums, Dark Magus, that Reggie Lucas, Dominique Gaumont, and Pete Cosey three guitar attack is mindblowing. Recorded live at Carnegie Hall in 1974, it sounds too far gone for 2017 let alone pre-punk 70s. Meanwhile, back to the Prince catalog and here is the 150 minute greatest hits Ultimate Prince patiently awaiting its close up.

FBI: I bet James Comey is regretting his quarterbacking for Trump around about now. Without a shred of proof, POTUS throws the country into yet another crises. Perhaps he can find the proof of the wiretapping somewhere along with the proof of the voter fraud.

Sports: If you are still following basketball this year, both the Cavs and the Warriors are losing at an impressive clip so we can but hope.

Television: What the hell with this ten hour TV shows? In theory, I’d be happy to give, say, Robbie Coltrane 90 minutes but four hours is too damn depressing. Who has the time for these damn series that go on forever. I was enjoying “Love” last month but somewhere around the sixth episode I’d had it.



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