These Days: Monday, May 8th, 2017

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Sports: The Yanks complete their three game sweep of defending World Champs the Chicago Cubs with an 18 inning (48 strikeout) marathon of immense proportions.  There is a reason I could never be a professional gambled, I could have sworn the Yanks were gonna have a lost, rebuilding season but youth beats experience, youth beats everything.Of course, the Yanks have a history of beating the Cubs at Wrigley Field, just look at the picture above. Though, I feel uneasy, I get the sense the Yanks are overproducing. Meanwhile, the Mets are in a spiral, whether suspending the Dark Knight or having his replacement beaten senseless by the Mariners 0 – 7.

More Sports: Boxing, Canelo Álvarez beat Julio César Chávez Jr. in a unanimous decision.  Álvarez, 26, will face the middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin in September.

Television: News that Sinclair is thisclose to buying the Tribune stations is a real shocker, this is monopoly taken to its ultimate end. I’ve been in the television business for knocking on 30 years and the thought of local TV stations without Tribune’s imprint is shocking in the extreme. God knows what they are gonna do for National sales, but I bet Coxreps are well beyond nervous.

More Television: The Adult Swim upfront is May 17th and Drake is performing. Last year I couldn’t get into the Nicki Minaj gig but I left it late, this year I won’t even try despite my love for Drake. Why? Glad you asked. Because it is at Terminal 5 -and even for a private party the hell hole isn’t worth the effort.

More More Television: I am so over LCD Soundsystem, I just can’t hear em anymore. There is something so smug and hipster about em… most irritating goodish band around. They were nothing much on SNL -of course, neither was anyone else.

More More More Television: ABC Network about to revive American Idol!

Concerts: After completely forgetting I had a ticket to Renee Fleming’s farewell stand at Lincoln Center, I bought another, much worse, seat for Tuesday’s performance of “Der Rosenkavalier”. On the positive side, I have a great seat for Rhiannon Giddens at the same venue (well, Alice Tully Hall). Looking a week even further: FUTURE!!!

France: Congratulations to France for dodging a bullet that the US has failed to, in sending the despicable Le Pen packing and electing Centrist newcomer Macron in a landslide.

About that Wall: Texas ain’t letting it happen according to NYT: “In a state where land ownership has an almost mythic resonance, opposition to a wall bordering Mexico could delay construction for years.”

Texas Giveth And…: “Texas Governor Signs a Ban on Sanctuary Cities”.

Old Music: Listening to Renee Fleming and very excited for Tuesdays gig.

New Music: Heavy into the new singles selection, readying myself to write “Going Steady” in a coupla days. Not too crazy about it, either.

Healthcare: Before Obamacare, 70% of the country had State subsidized pools for people with pre-existing conditions. So…

Movies: “Guardians Of The Galaxy, Vol 2” was good not great, the third act paid off but got soppy (Grade: B)

Theatre: “Six Degrees Of Separation” at the Barrymore was fun but it hasn’t survived the period in one piece. If there was a moral about social climbing and celebrityhood, I can’t see what it is. Though taken as simply a shaggy dog story, it is really quite fun and a little sad. Grade: B


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