These Days: Monday, May15th, 2017

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Sports: So they retired Derek Jeter’s number yesterday and gave the great Yankee his plaque in Monument Park. It’s been a couple of years since Derek retired from baseball and a couple of years longer  since he was the greatest performer in baseball. But what is a little sad is the inevitable passing of time, let’s say he lives to be 100, that’s only 20% of his life spent in baseball and it just goes by, our lives fly on wings. A day, or a week, may be long, but a life, a long life, is so incredibly fast. And a baseball life is shorter, it is the  up and gone inevitability of built in obsolescence. We go from central to sideswept. I remember my Uncle, who was the man, in a retirement home, so frail. He is dead now… It is crazy to feel sorry for Jeter and yet I do. Next stop,  Cooperstown.

More Sports: The Yanks split a doubleheader, the Mets blew a six run lead and are now 16 – 20. In a different planet: “Curry scored 40 points and hit a tying 3-pointer with 1:48 remaining, and the Warriors rallied from way behind after Kawhi Leonard was lost to an ankle injury to beat the San Antonio Spurs 113-111 on Sunday in Game 1 of the Western Conference finals.”

New Music: I am still pondering a the song remains the same column, although it will be difficult to begin it mid-year. From last week:

Two Ghosts – Harry Style

Sissy – PWR BTTM

Idle Worship – Paramore

I Wanna Be Your Disease – Juliana Hatfield

Tin Foil Hat – Todd Rundgren

Old Music: I am a little surprised that Raised On Rock (Grade: B-) isn’t better. Vocally, Presley sounds great but at his worse, Presley could sing. But the material is so weak it is surprisingly. This isn’t like the movie soundtracks where Tom Parker’s greed was getting in the way of the material, there is no reason I can see for this mishap. I really have to write it soon, it is depressing me.

Concerts: Friday is Future, Saturday is The xx.

Movies: I caught Mike Nichols and Jules Feiffer’s “Carnal Knowledge”. A callow but that is the whole point vision of male sex and sexism from 1971, which rings pretty clearly today as well. By 1975 the golden age of American motion pictures ended with “Jaws” but before then, superbly acted ensemble pieces like this were possible.

Business:  L.A. Reid, Epic Records head at Sony Music, out after harassment claim from female assistant… and if you believe that you know that US-Russian relationship is at his lowest point since the cold war.

Comey: Now the dust has settled let’s be clear, Comey was fired because he was a wild card in a tough game. It’s not that he wouldn’t do what the administration demanded, it is that he couldn’t be trusted to do what he said he would.

Box Office: Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur saga, cost $300M and made $30M worldwide.

Controversy: PWR BTTM mustn’t know what hit them, their label is pulling em off streaming and digital services, their entire tour is on the verge of being cancelled, and they still haven’t been charged with a single crime. This is a lynching of epic proportions. Me? I bought their album instead of streaming in case it gets pulled and bought a ticket for their Webster Hall gig on the off chance they play it. It is time for the men to stand up for themselves before their career is over.

Death: The terrific actor Power Boothes is dead at the age of 67.


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