These Days: Monday, September 22nd, 2017

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Awards: Last night was the Billboard 2017 awards, the one award show where hip hop rules without question because it is based upon sales. Well, no longer sales, whatever weirdo matrix they use nowadays. Which means Crown Prince Drake ran off with 13 awards, most ever (beating out Adele). And deserved it and that isn’t even favoritism (though I’m a huge fan), it is simple addition.

Sunni Vs Shiites – Let me ask again, if 95% of all Arab Muslims are either Shiites or Sunnis and you hate both, what do you do with Arabs? I speak with personal knowledge because some of my best friends were Saudis back in the day., including girls, who shed the veil the minute they stepped out of country (or hung out with the Yanks at Aramco’s world within a world). This vision of Saudi you have, while understandable, isn’t accurate. There were two incredibly beautiful girls at school -Saudi Princesses, well out of my league of course, who were wild as the breeze. The elder one was expelled after getting caught in bed with a guy. Do I digress? Sure, but only to make the point that they are us…  And that if you can’t make nice with both, make nice with one. $430B is half a trillion in readies, to put that in perspective, it is a sixth of the US’ national debt.

Theatre: “Amelie” wasn’t the greatest musical I’ve ever seen, it is a little confusing if you haven’t seen the movie. But the score was wonderful and it had a heartbeat and a sensibility. RIP a sweet show which teen girls, surely the prospective audience, didn’t catch on to. Grade: B

More Theatre: After deciding not to go to Nick Cave at Kings Theatre this week (I am going in mid-June instead), I’ll be double dipping at the theatre. “Oslo” on Saturday, “Puffs” -what appears to be a charming Harry Potter parody, on Sunday.

Concerts: My only show this week is Old Crow Medicine Show, performing Blonde on Blonde, at the Town Hall. The following week starts with 1975 and is followed by two days of Governor Ball and the third GB I’m dropping to see the Weeknd at the Prudential Center…

On Hating Trump: Don’t lie about his achievements. He doesn’t need fuel added to the fire… you can keep to the hard truth and give credit where credit is due and he will still have the lowest approval ratings of all time.

New Music: I’ve been listening to the new singles, of which there are plenty. Let’s hear it for Selena Gomez’s brilliant “Bad Liar,” instantaneously one of the best songs of the year -it’s Ani DiFranco’s (who should sue) “Untouchable Face” goes EDM pop. I don’t dig the new Jason Isbell though I understand why Steve Crawford does. Otherwise, at the very least a full week coming up (47 singles). I’m not sure what to do with the Aldous Harding album… a full review or add it to next week’s album review round up. For sure, “Imagining My Man” is one of my fave songs of the year.

Old Music: Blonde On Blonde is such a great album that it keeps on getting covered and we keep on being better for the experience. Old Crow’s “Sad Eyed Lady Of The Lowlands” is the best take I’ve ever heard…. including Dylan’s??

Sports: Yanks won, Mets lost. The Liberty are at .500 -of course, they’ve only played two games.

Television: The Odd Couple cancelled -thank god.

More Television: On to Dennis Potter’s “Blade On The Feather”.


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