These Days: Saturday, April 22nd, 2017

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New Music: Jessie Reyez debut EP Kiddo, is 19 minutes long and it is really something. The last time I remember being just blown away by a musician I hadn’t known before was Angel Haze (and before that Chance The Rapper), there is nothing I don’t love on this album, from the declarative out burst “Fuck It” ( “You’re lucky I didn’t roll it, you’re lucky I didn’t blow your brains out” about a car crash) to the falsetto enchanted “Figures”, r&b gets no better (Grade: A)

More New Music: Or is that less? I wasted my time downloading the Gorillaz app to listen to the streaming new album, which, after forcing me through the irritating, very 2004, virtual Spirit House, failed to provide the goods. I woke up this morning to a push from the app telling me the album was ready to stream and wasted another half an hour touching everything on the dumb ass app -and I don’t even like the band. Needless to add, no I didn’t find it.

Old Music: The guitar break on “Planet Earth” is otherworldly -maybe that’s why Prince gave it away free with copies of “News Of The World” (I know, I lied for the pun), over in the UK. I prefer the album to 3121 and I preferred 3121 to Musicology. Unfortunately, Broad Street is next on the agenda.

Sports: The Yanks have fallen to earth, losing two of their last three games, and the Mets are not doing well as injuries decimate the starting line up. Both teams lost, the Mets to the hated Nats in 11.

More Sports: Did I mention the Rangers beat the Canadiens in Canada and are now up 3-2 in the first round best of 7.

The World: The US, Turkey, hopefully not France: welcome to the age of Putin.


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