These Days: Saturday, April 8th, 2017

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Theatre: The hottest ticket in nyc by a long shot, I caught “Hello Dolly” in previews yesterday and the operative word there is previews. It hasn’t quite clicked yet but it is close, Midler is a centrifugal force and yet her performance is missing something as of now and even so she is terrific, the voice is in place and the comedic timing is impeccable but the trick for Midler is to lower her Betteness and raise her Dolly Levi, Dolly never comes fully alive. Yet. Review to come but: B+

rock nyc: Today is our 8th year anniversary and we have had millions of readers in that time, for a website that doesn’t appear to actually exist, well, not bad. We’re still standing (more or less).

Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame: If you have ever been to one of the inductions, you will join me in considering them the least rock and roll event in history. Well beyond simple words like tedious, they are the living, breathing embodiment of tedious. Nobody dies at these inductions, they die a million deaths. The one I want to had the E Street Band, Cat Stevens and Joan Jett and was agony. My bet is last nights with Journey, 2Pac, Joan Baez and Pearl Jam (inducted by David Letterman) was much, much, much (once more?) much worse. Steve Perry didn’t join Journey, Joan Baez told a story about how her Granddaughter discovered Baez was famous when Baez introduced her to Taylor Swift, and ELO means Jeff made it.

Sports: OK, guys, Up by 4 runs in the fifth, the Yankees Luis Severino imploded in the fifth giving up a three run homer. Baltimore beat the Yanks 6 – 5, and the  Yanks have stumbled out the gate like the work in progress they so obviously are. at 1 – 3, they are in last place and sure it is early, it is the definition of early. The Mets lost as well.

More Sports: Let’s hear it for the entrepreneurial spirit of the Coastal Carolina Cheerleader squad, suspended after allegations of salacious behavior. AKA some of the women worked for their own “seeking arrangement” website going on dates for upwards of $1500 a night: sex not included. They have been banned from competition so that will show em, right?

Death: Glenn O’Brien, the Warhol friend and Interview editor, dead at 70



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