These Days: Saturday, February 11th, 2017

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School Bully: It is one thing to act tough with China. I mean, hey, it might lead to nuclear war or something but if you wanna question “One China”, well, at least you’re picking on someone your own size. It is something else to follow that up with a nauseating apology and a back track. Typical school bully,happy to beat up on the smaller kids till somebody punches him in the face. Pathetic and embarrassing. Fuck China -the communist bastards paying their employees three cents an hour and so able to flood every market with cheap goods. You hate Trump so much? Try living in a country where pro-choice means choosing which of your children to drown…

Oldies: I’ve been listening to one of my favorite post-punk bands from the late 1970s, Lilliput (aka Kleenex). These bands, you know, folks like the Raincoats circa Live At The Kitchen, sound squeaky fresh today: this is atonal fast loud pop art of the first order. Meanwhile, time to ready myself for Wednesday with the Red Hot Chili Peppers setlist.

Newies: Oddly enough, what looked like it would be a pretty good week for albums isn’t one.Going back, say, eight weeks, there has been exactly one great week for albums. A strangely disheartening start to 2017.

Sports: Can we all agree on just one thing in 2017? Charles Oakley has done more for the Knicks than James Dolan and Phil Jackson combined…

Concerts: Maria Taylor tonight but next week: Red Hot Chili Peppers,  Ryan Adams, Jennifer Lopez, Cher, Elton John… the former three are part my of sexual realignment Vegas vacation…

Now is the time for your tears: “Rosa Maria Ortega, 37, a permanent resident and a mother of four who lives outside Dallas was  sentenced to eight years in prison — and almost certainly deportation later — after she voted illegally in elections in 2012 and 2014.” – She had a sixth grade education and didn’t know she was breaking the law. And that’s it so for for the 3 million people who voted illegally and all for Clinton…

Television: 24 Hours: Legacy is stupid and racist and makes no sense whatsoever. Blatantly nonsense it positions a world in which Islamic Extremists roam the US killing Army Ops with impunity and nobody knows and only two people care. Islamic sleeper cells? Really? However, I love the sucker, all beat up blow up, and one scene where a police stop and frisk goes very very wrong, is awesome. Plus, I know Muslims, my parents were Muslim, and they just plain ain’t no good.


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