These Days: Saturday, February 18th, 2017

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Concerts: In the bad news option of the proceedings, Cher cancelled tonight’s performance. In the good news, George Strait is playing 60 # 1 hits at the T-Mobile literally round the corner…

Enemies Of The People: If it wasn’t for the first amendment Arthur Sulzberger would be in jail as we talk. The most interesting thing about the US in 2017 is watching the mechanics of the constitution of the constitution go into overdrive to protect the American people. The other really interesting about 2017 is how all governments can blur similarly and the way the tools of fascism function in similar ways. From the demonization of the weakest members of the society to the shutting down of oppositional takes, it’s all vey text book.

More Concerts: Three concerts in three days and none of them are doing very much for me. RHCP were atonal bores, and Jennifer Lopez business as usual Vegas rock show (the review of the latter is on its way…

More more concerts: my friend Mark Deming of nailed Ryan Adams live on stage the other day, Ryan seems to hate his audience.

New Music: The new Future is better than I thought, it is very good at what it does: that trap beats jerky jerky rhythms and cool dark vibes. I got a ticket to see him but with trepidation (really, I wanted to check out opening band Migos). The question is, can we be sure he’ll bring it on stage for once?

Old Music: George Strait 60 number one hits?? I better get listening…


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