These Days: Saturday, February 25th, 2017

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Oldies: I am dreading the day Steve Crawford’s essential country recordings articles end (here is the latest). We are about to enter the 1990s, which means the clock is ticking. Both insightful for the recordings we know and exciting with those we don’t know, every new year has me scarpering to listen and (re)discover recordings. Today’s episode sent me tailspinning into earworm world with George Jones’  “The King Is Dead (Yabba Dabba Doo)” (I saw our greatest country singer perform it live once). Let’s hope he compiles them all and publishes a book.

More Oldies: Literally hours away from the new Broadway production of “Sunday In The Park With George”, nice to refresh myself on the superb Mandy Patinkin-Bernadette Peters Broadway cast album.

Newbies: The new Future, his second album in so many weeks, HNDRXX, is better than the first and leaves me overjoyed that I decided to go the bucks and get a good seat for his performance at Barcleys  Friday May 19th… Migos, about as hot as a band can be, are opening.

Concerts: There is a difference of opinion over Ariana Grande at MSG last night (simply awful) and the three teen girls I took (they lost their mind). My review will be up tomorrow.

POTUS: I am exhausted from the Trump-Bannon’s all war all the time (per NYT) strategy of think you’ve got it hard? Wait till we are finished terrifying you. Really, leave us alone already. Existing is tough enough without the US’s version of Hitler and Goebbels two man destruction of the quiet joy of being here. I am sick of the news, I am sick of the constant stress on everybody’s nervous system. Leave us alone to enjoy our lives, you maniacs. We aren’t at war anywhere, we aren’t getting murdered on the streets, stop scaring us to death. This is politics as waterboarding. Two ugly, misanthropic, nutjobs are out to fix you whether you’re broken or otherwise. Knock it off.

In Other news it’s business as usual: The Associated Press: “In synchronized attacks, insurgents stormed into heavily guarded security offices in Syria’s central Homs city, clashed with troops and then blew themselves up, killing a senior officer and at least 31 others, state media and officials reported.”

Movies: Is going to the theatre to see a new movie winding down? At some point movies will simultaneously be released in theatres and for home viewing. When that day happens, movies will be over till virtual reality brings us back.

Sports: Yanks lost their first preseason game 4 – 9. When will I ever learn?  The Mets won, by the way.

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