These Days: Saturday, June 3rd, 2017

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Jared Kushner: The problem with the DNC, with the press, and with the rest of the left wing establishment, is that they won’t take yes for an answer. They don’t need to pile on to make their point, they don’t need to overstate to make their point. Jared Kushner may well be in over his neck but that is neither illegal, nor is it his fault. He may be getting real paid, now prove it. However, the backchannels with Russia.? how about this for a “we can’t find a way to lie about it” from a New York Times Editorial: “The problem isn’t establishing a back channel; presidential administrations and transitions have used them throughout history as a way to keep a low profile during sensitive negotiations .” Well. Obviously.

New York Times: I read it religiously but even so, there work on Trump since he started running away with the GOP nomination has been untrustworthy. The fact is, both the GOP and the DNC are liars… of course, the GOP are also causing the end of the world but we aren’t discussing that, are we?

Concerts: A gorgeous day for Governors Ball on Friday, my review to arrive later. Highlights Danny Brown and Lorde. Biggest disappointment Kehlani, though I did get to shake hands with Chance The Rapper, who doesn’t wander around with an entourage or bodyguards, just a weasel who wouldn’t let me take a picture of (not with) him. I left before his set, though young Mary Rudzis promises to write it up. I had seen Chance last October and didn’t find it precisely necessary…

More Concerts: I went to see The 1975 Thursday night, the second time in less than a year and let me just note in passing that don’t go see The 1975 twice in less than a year: all Matt’s speechifying is canned and then some. Grade: B

New Music: Some goodies out there right now, the new Lorde, the new Arcade Fire, the new Julia Michaels are all excellent.

Old Music: Steeling myself for the Paul McCartney greatest hits All The Best. Hand this to the big guy, they were ALL GREATEST HITS. Seven smasherinos, fuck pride, fuck and this is from my last album, in 87 he was giving the people what they want. Grade: A

Terrorism: “The bomber, Salman Abedi, is said to have kept up contact with members of Battar al-Libi, the unit that trained the commander of the Paris attacks.”. And that is the paradigm for the new terrorist: a lone wolf who isn’t.

Sports: Yanks lost, Mets lost, Rihanna is a Cavs fan.


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