These Days: Saturday, March 11th, 2017

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We Lose Our Attorney General: That sound you hear is New York Mayor Bill de Blasio kissing the ground POTUS walks on. Yesterday, the 47 remaining from the Obama era Attorney Generals from the Obama era were fired. Including United States attorney for the Southern District of New York, Preet Bharara. The great prosecutor is the man who locked up two of the three men in a room school of New York Governance. Bharara jailed New York third man in that room Governor Andrew Cuomo’s best friend. And he has the Mayor’s pay to play adminstration in his cross hairs. The best Attorney General since Rudy Giuliani. Bharara should run for Mayor… I mean in November.

New Music: The new Tennis is very good but the week belongs to Hurray For The Riff Raff and Shinobi Ninjas. I’m thinking the Ninjas have the best album of the week but I’m still listening. I might add that I was quite surprised by the negative response to the new Ed Sheeran album, 69% approval rate on Metacritic…

Old Music: Listening to the Original Cast album of “Sunset Boulevard” -I still think it ain’t all that except a song or two.

Theatre: prostitutes and Andrew Lloyd Webber become respectable when they grow old: “Sunset Boulevard” this afternoon… I hear it is practically in concert. I see nothing to approve of paying Broadway prices for cheap productions.

Muslims: “One day after Muhammad Ali Jr. spoke with members of Congress about being detained last month, he was briefly stopped again, his lawyer said.” What is it with the US and Ali… now he’s dead let’s mess with his son.

Death: Robert James Waller, Author of ‘The Bridges of Madison County,’ Dies at 77. Who can forget Clint Eastwood romancing Meryl Streep in the crappy movie. The novel. on the other hand, was a beauty.

Concerts: Green Day and Philip Glass next week… oh and next Saturday? The “Groundhog Day” musical.


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