These Days: Saturday, March 4th, 2017

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Art: The elusive Banksy has been slipping in and out of Israel while painting murals at the Walled Off, his  hotel “wedged up against the Israeli security wall that wraps around Bethlehem”. Of all the wonderful and strange things Banksy has ever done, this is way way way up. As protest art, improv art, unity art…. anything you wanna call this magical and brilliant thing, all power to Banksy on yet another, maybe his greatest, art installation, I mean hotel, I mean both. read about it here.

New: Thanks to rock nyc scribe Jacob Fishman for intruding me to the excellent A Will Away -Connecticut high melodic quotient quasi emo confessionals on their new album, Here Again (Grade: B+). The new Craig Finn single, “Preludes,” sounds like Finn vocals but with one of his better melodies. His best song since “Balcony”?

Old: I’ve had Craig Finn’s greatest song either alone or with the Hold Steady, “Honolulu Blues” on heavy rotation. Actually, if you wanna have lota fun, put together a Hold Steady/Craig Finn…. Here ya go…

Concerts: Craig Finn at City Winery April 4th and A Will Away at Bowery Ballroom, March 12th. I’m going to Finn and would check out A Will Away except they are first on at a four band concert and even then I’d go except… it’s a Sunday night.

The Second Law Of Thermodynamics in Action: From the dashing young Al Gore to the closeted foot touching in rest rooms homophobic creepoid that is Mike Pence. It’s like there was a Chernobyl and everybody in Government has become deformed.

Movies: It’s been awhile since I’ve been excited about anything but given the time “Get Out,” “Logan,” and next week the live action “Beauty And The Beast” all look awesome and worth a viewing.

Sports: How to stop baseball games from being 210 minute endurance tests? I don’t see the walk is going to help matters much, but maybe giving each team, say, give times in a game where they can stop the action to walk to the mound might help. And is there anyway to hurry up the switching of pitchers. Really, as long as you are going to have three minutes of commercial every half inning and pitching change there is nothing to be done: that adds up to a minimum of an additional hour a game.



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