These Days: Saturday, May 13th, 2017

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Theatre: “Spamilton : An American Parody,”  at Triad, is the work of Forbidden Broadway’s one man Mad Magazine of the commercial theatre Gerard Alessandrini. Five actors and two featured guests and a pianist bring the current crop of hits, especially “Hamilton,” into sharp relief. Whether smirking at Ben Brantley or questioning how many syllables Sondheim can get into a note, his aim is unerringly, and unflaggingly on target. Already a little dated, Bette Midler is only a punchline and Harry Potter isn’t on the horizon, that’s the worst you can say about the excellent sky high nonstop show. It is proof great performers are the best staging effect on Broadway. Kudos to Nicole Ortiz and Tristan J. Schuler as Hamilton. Grade: B+.

New Music: Harry Style and PWR BTTM are my two biggies, though I missed Matthew Ripley’s raspy, intelligent proto-Americana Hustle Up Starlings, which opens with a Steve Earle reference and doesn’t look back. Grade: B+

Old Music: I’ve been on a Warren Zevon kick lately, jamming on “For My Next Trick I Need A Volunteer,” whether an alcoholic or recovering into sobriety or dying from cancer, his skills never diminished. If anything, they improved.

Concerts: My eagerly awaited Rhiannon Giddens gig is tonight and I am eyeballing PWR BTTM at Webster Hall. If I could go VIP I would absolutely do it but I am not in the market to stand around for three hours at the back on a club… even so, I may go.

More Concerts: Last night was the first of U2’s The Joshua Tree tour. Here is the setlist.

Consensual Rape: I don’t quite grasp the current definitions of rape, however I know bullying when I see it and whatever the band did or didn’t do, they didn’t pull a knife out and say fuck me or I’ll kill ya. Given the circumstance, the add ons are a little disturbing. As is the timing.

Sports: Yankees are 0 – 3 in their last three games and still only 0.5 out of first, Matt Harvey continues to suck.

Hack Attacks: Get ready USA, we haven’t been hit yet but we will.

Best decade ever: the 1970s had the best music, best sex, best drugs… by the 1980s synth pop, AIDS, and Reagan, had destroyed the good times.

Television: Bill O’Reilly blames his firing from Fox on a vast left wing cabal lead by George Soros.

More Television: “British author and actor Stephen Fry is being investigated by Irish police for comments he made about God two years ago. “Why should I respect a capricious, mean-minded, stupid god who creates a world which is so full of injustice and pain?” Fry said on TV. See, that’s what happens when you don’t have a civil war: too much time to kill.



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