These Days: Saturday, May 6th, 2017

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Sports: Yanks won, and in a smart way. 3 – 2 wins are about good teams and not about lucky teams. Their 18 – 9 first place standing is phenomenal though the feat of big man Aaron Judge falling to earth is resounding. Mets won as well but they need to get everybody off the DL and fast. The Mets are in second place, true, but 6.5 games behind the Nationals. PS, talk about never getting an even break, the Mets accidentally tweet photo showing a giant black dildo in Kevin Plawecki’s locker. How did the photographer miss it, exactly?

More Sports: It’s not enough that Lebron James got 35 points last night, no no no. His Cavs have also won the first seven games in the playoffs. “The Cavaliers are the only team since the Minneapolis Lakers in 1949 and 1950 to win their first seven playoff games in consecutive seasons,” according to the New York Times. What kills me is we all know LeBron should be a Knick, he was born to be a Knick, we skimmed all that money and got nothing in return. Instead James went to Miami. That could be us.


More More Sports: Kentucky Derby Day, “Racing fans were eagerly anticipating the initial crop of foals from American Pharoah, who swept the Triple Crown in 2015. There have been about 100 so far, and each is being watched for Kentucky Derby potential…”   Tapwrit, Irish War Cry, Always Dreaming

New Music: On to singles, and the new Beth Ditto “Oooh La La” is another winner (Grade: B+), Styles’ second solo song is stronger than the first (Grade: B), and Haim, a band I never got, go pop-rock to fair effect (Grade: B). The Spamilton parody is quite good (Grade: B)

Old Music: The Nick Cave greatest hits album is a reminder of how good he has been for a very long time. “Stagger Lee,” “Red Right Hand,” “Dig Lazarus Dig”… there is some terrific work in here.

POTUS: Reminds me of a High School junior, everything is a huge revelation for him and he can’t help but sharing it with the world. Australia is like really big, and their healthcare is better than ours. Who knew?

Rikers: Now deemed too dangerous for new inmates. They can’t close it, they can’t move the prisoners, they can’t stop the violence.

Unemployment: Is at 4.4% for April, though much like the lowest crime rates of all time in nyc, it doesn’t feel like it at all. The problem is wages is still not where they need to be.

France: After hacking into Clinton’s email and tilting the population against her, the Russians have hacked into centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron of France. All we need is that Le Pen in power. She is the woman who recently noted on 60 Minutes: “France isn’t burkinis on the beach. France is Brigitte Bardot. That’s France.” Apparently, Bardot supports her. France’s greatest achievement was rolling over and playing dead in two world wars. They aren’t half the country the UK is and never have been, and even they don’t deserve Le Pen.

Lock Up The Poor: “In a 193-page ruling that followed a lengthy trial, the judge, Lee Rosenthal, said that money bail should be used for people charged with misdemeanors “only in the narrowest of cases,” and even then only when there are strong safeguards in place to ensure that defendants receive due process before being locked up.” Anybody who saw John Oliver’s alarming and dispiriting report about bail last year would wholeheartedly agree. Prisons are warehouses for the poor and disenfranchised and when people are in jail they can’t vote and when they can’t vote, rich fat kids come to power and screw em in the ground.

When In Doubt: “Gov. Cuomo reveals Port Authority’s $70M study, design to slash NYC truck traffic…” throw money at it.

Concerts: Yup, I got a ticket for Harry Styles at Radio City Music. As Helen Bach loves to tell me, somewhere there’s an eleven year old girl with freckles and a pony tail crying inconsolably because you took her seat…


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