These Days: Sunday, April 16th, 2017

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Concerts: Bon Jovi would be a great greatest hits band, 30 minutes, three tracks from Slippery When Wet and a handful of others, and off the stage. I once saw em blow Bruce off stage with just that, at the Hurricane Sandy gig in the same venue as last night’s 135 minute, they caught the mood of the audience while Bruce dragged it all back down (my review here) and I wrote at the time “Bon Jovi joined (Bruce) for an outstanding “Born To Run” and Bruce returned the favor on what amounts to Bon Jovi’s best moment “Who Says You Can’t Get Home” . I hate the band but Bon Jovi blew Bruce right off stage. They played their hits, they played em well, and got a major singalong going to “Living On A Prayer” –a lesson in giving the people what they want.” Last night I took my niece to catch em from the second row and up close and personally  I miss Richie Sambora… which is odd because I can’t stand him. Grade: B

Weather: After an endless winter, and no Spring to speak of, today we hit a high of 87 degrees, the starting gate of summer is here, take off your overcoats and put on your speedos!

Sports: Yankees won again, they haven’t lost at home yet and are 7 – 4 and are half a game out of first place. The Mets lost and are 7 – 5, and all is right on Planet Baseball.

More Sports: The Rangers lost a heartbreaker two days ago, but they are going into MSG with hometown advantage and ready to take Montreal down.

Trump: This from the New York Times: “The number of Mexicans kicked out of the United States actually fell at the start of President Trump’s term.” Actually, it did. Hatred on Trump is almost like a mental disorder, it doesn’t matter what he does he will be wrong. I mean, even if he happens to be right like the hit on Syria. Do note that this is harmful is to underestimate how toxic it is.

Easter: Easter is Christmas’ kid brother, no real gifts, no real worldwide celebration, no joy to the world. But it is better, it is the greatest of Jesus miracles, from the brutal crucifixion to the raising from the grave, it is the final act and also the best act in Christianity and, long before Jesus, an image of resurrection central to human thought.

Unions: Striking Spectrum workers from IBEW Local 3 rallied on E. 23rd St. on April 5, 2017, as they fight for a new contract. I hope they get it even if means my cable rates go up.

New Music: Maybe Kendrick is better than I think he is but all the hosannas are putting me off, it isn’t clicking and it doesn’t deserve the time I’m putting into it. Getting ready to listen to the new single releases.

Old Music:A lot of Herbie Hancock and Prince’s Ultimate, which is a strange one but I understand why he did it that way.


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