These Days: Sunday, April 2nd, 2017

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Religion: Watching “The Gospel According To The Other Mary” had me thinking about faith and the lack thereof. I would give a lot for the comfort of belief, my father was deeply religious by the end of his life, I’ve seen an English language Koran that he gave me to my big sister. I don’t have much from him today of a personal nature, just some pictures, so I might have an interest anyway. But I read the Koran around 20 years, and the only thing I dig is the music. I have even less interest in Christianity, I mean as a manner to deepen the life experience. The problem is I find time more of an answer than afterlife, science is the way out and always has been. Right now, we don’t have enough information to do much more than scratch our heads. Being stirred by the Passion is one thing, killing for it another.

New Music: Not much of a year, it’s like the same as every year since 2010 only less so. 2016 had some huge albums released, Beyonce and Kanye to name but two, but 2017 seems to be spinning its wheels. It shouldn’t be this hard to enjoy modern pop and part of it must be the aging process, it is all soundscapes, it is like 3D painting, all depth and shade, but when you dig far and deep it disappears. One of the great gifts of pop music is that it is ephemeral, it has a built in obsolescence like a toaster, it is written to wear off. The problem is, if the hook is NEVER melodic, it wears off too soon.

Old Music: Bach’s “St. Matthew’s Passion” is gorgeous beyond belief, it sweeps you away in his choir of voices, heavenly concord from nearly 300 years ago, it is everything you might hope it would be and to these untrained makes you wonder about god and man and the distance between us, and the music, like Islam, which actually builds it in, that we share.


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