These Days: Sunday, February 12th. 2017

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Jesus Preaching the Sermon on the Mount Gustave Dore


Sundays: I really love the Beatitudes. Whether you believe Jesus is your savior or a Robin Hood like legend, it is really as sweet and gentle as mankind has ever gotten. Now, that’s my idea of a God, And a great name for a rock band.

Pitchers And Catchers: Anything, anything at all to draw our attention even for a little while from the Trump administration,  is a welcome diversion and so Pitchers and Catchers takes on an added glow this year. Mets, really the team to watch, on Monday and the Yanks, who can’t seem to get under the cap, in 2017. The Mets could go all the way this year, and the Yanks? Assume plenty of cheap tickets taken off Stubhub. It takes some getting used to, this being the city’s second team.

New Music: Every sound has its day and while I’ve been listening to Grime in one form or another since 2004, the start of the year finds storming new releases by Wiley and Stormzy, big in the UK but when will it hit it the States?

Concert: “Iman, you fucked me up.” That’s Maria Taylor at Rockwood 2 last night. Want more? The review will be posted by this afternoon…

Old Music: Readying myself for a week chock filled with concerts, Red Hot Chili Peppers have dumped “Under The Bridge”…

Television: That Judd Apatow show  netflix romcom “Love” is onto season 2 March 10th… If this doesn’t make Gillian Jacobs  a romantic lead in movies Jennifer Lawrence turns down, nothing will.




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