These Days: Sunday, February 26th, 2017

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Theatre: The revival of Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine’s “Sunday At The Park With George” is a brilliant art about art. The George in question is  19th-century French painter Georges Seurat and the Sundays are the two years it took him to paint his brilliant “A Sunday on La Grande Jatte”. Starring Jake Gyllenhaal as George and Annaleigh Ashford as his model-lover Dot, I considered it art about art, Jake’s father, the director Stephen Gyllenhaal, coincidentally  sitting beside me yesterday afternoon, called it a musical about a life and love. Stephen had discussed the performance at length with his son so let’s take his word for it. Review to follow (Grade: A)

Oldies: Finally got around to listening to George Strait’s Straight Out Of The Box, Volume Two, which takes him from 1996 to 2016, with no slackening of his skills.

More Newbies: The three covers on The Mess We Made Deluxe are all aces, but “Funky Dollar Bill” is one of the great  versions, it both shimmers and shakes and reawakens the dormant spirit of commerce as political action man.

Newbies: The Strait box set culminates with two killer new songs, “Kicked Outta Country” (a nod to his great predecessors) and “You Gotta Go Through Hell”.

The Oscars: I caught the 1979 51st annual Oscars at the apartment of a young lady I’d picked up a couple of hours earlier. Johnny Carson MC’d it and “The Deerhunter” cleaned up. A powerful  movie and the exact highlight of the late Michael Cimino’s life, I would have voted for Warren Beatty’s beatific “Heaven Can Wait” with the always luminous Julie Christie… lookin awful good.

Concerts: Coming up ZZ Top, Panic! At The Disco and the final David Cassidy performance for the immediate future.

FOTUS: Attended Arthur Miller’s “The Price” on Broadway with DOTUS Malia.

The Lone Gunman Man Theory: Not to wish POTUS ill (and I am being sincere now. Why? Do you prefer Pence plus a nation willing to give him anything? That is NO ANSWER) but if the worst happens nobody better say one word about a lone gunman. You can insult Mexico and Muslims till your tongue falls off, but whatever you might claim about incompetence, you can’t do the same about the FBI and CIA. They might not know everything about everything but they can handle a hit job.


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