These Days: Sunday, February 7th, 2016

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Recorded: I can’t say I was crazy over Beyonce’s performance at Global Citizen last year, her art stuff drags me and I’ve seen her live many times and found her all over the place. Even the Roseland gig left me cold. But yesterday’s #Blacklivesmatter, political hindsight trip to New Orleans “Formation”, is a terrific piece of self-congratulatory agit-prop about how she is what she is. (Grade:A-) You can download for free here. It’s got a beat by Mike WiLL Made-It, a Big Freedia sample, and it was co-written by Swae Lee of Rae Sremmurd.This is a huge song, a great American oration about how it is to be black in 2016 from front to back. I wonder what she is gonna do for an encore.

Super Bowl: Actually, I know exactly what she is going to do for an encore: this is it. The Times just claimed Bey was gonna “completely annihilate” Coldplay. Perhaps, though it might be worth noting she did nothing at the sort last time they shared a stage. Fifteen minutes is the perfect length of time for a Coldplay show.

Sports: Peyton or Cam? I’m betting on Cam, but I like the arc of the story if Manning wins. I also like the arc of the story if Cam wins -just not as much.

The Race For The Presidency: Poor little Marc Rubio, Christie ate him for lunch, though quite why I am not certain. Meanwhile, Cruz and Trump were like the Jets hanging onto to a 7 point lead in the fourth quarter.

Live: Two days to the Beach Boys… four days to West.

Movies: Finally caught Ian McKellen’s superb portrayal of the lion in winter, “Mr. Holmes”.  While its sentimentality drags me, the actual idea, Holmes at 93, well past the Victorian age, tries to remember the final case that caused him to retired from the Detective business before he loses what is left of hemory. Grade: B+




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