These Days: Sunday, January 29th, 2017

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New Music: I’ve been listening to Migos Culture, as they turn the discreet charm of the bourgeoisie into a sign of badassness. But if you are schooled on old school, or even on Jay Z, these guys have no flow. The gilted gifts of hip hop aren’t here and if it works it works outside the older generations pleasure zone. Now excuse me while I go and dance the dab like it’s 2014. Yet it clippity cloppity itself into your subconscious, the three voices are all rhyming all the time, not together but between the beats.

Old Music: Building up to the McCartney review but I’m not looking forward to it. I like some of it a lot but most of it not as much. Maybe once I really settled into it I’ll have a better feel.

Sports: We take her for granted. Serena Williams just won her TWENTY THIRD GRAND SLAM, at the Australian Open, beating out sister Venus. That’s a record, right? AT 35 years of age, that is just amazing. All sports are but TENNIS IS a young person, a teenagers sport. Later, Roger Fereder beat Rafael Nidal! Age ain’t nothing but a number

Obama In 2011: After Iraqi Al Qaeda soldiers were mistakenly allowed into the country. the Obama Administration put all immigration by Iraqi’s into the States on hold. I’ve mentioned before the question of style and substance when it comes to Trump. 1- Trump chose the countries based upon the Obama government’s recommendations 2 – It is a public relations (and humanitarian) nightmare because Trump stopped people with visas in mid flight or about to enter planes from entering the country. They should have started afresh. 3 -Worst of all, they didn’t allow people with Green Cards to return to their homes. Obama could have tweaked but done the same thing, and no one would have said a word…

Trump Supporters: Hey buddy, try this. Imagine you went to Aruba with your family for your summer vacation, tried to board the plane to return home and couldn’t because you were Christian. How would you feel?

The Useful Idiot Theory: “Mr. Trump spoke by phone with Russia’s leader, in what the new administration called a “significant start to improving” ties.”. They didn’t discuss immigration because Putin doesn’t care one way or another about human rights.

One More Thing: the difference is Obama would never have stopped people with visas from entering the country, that’s the Trump portion


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