These Days: Sunday, January 3rd, 2016

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On To 2016: With the holidays finally and irrevocably over, on we go to 2016. Tomorrow is probably the worst day on the year. I mean, as days with nothing much wrong with them go. A Monday with nothing looking forward except for work and cold and sorrow for the next five months.

Recorded: I just received Bob Dylan’s “Live 65” – 13 albums, every live recording from that year, taking you from solo acoustic Bob touring England, to half and half Bob touring the US with the Band to electric Bob closing the set with “Like A Rolling Stone (to polite applause of recognition!). Plus? The new David Bowie, which sounds like you’ve already heard it.

Live: Now is the worst time imaginable for concert going. If there is a gig you want and you get a ticket, it is too cold to go there.

The Middle East: Saudi executed 47 Shi-ites as terrorists, and Iran was not amused, in an echo of 1979, Iranian protesters set fire to the Saudi embassy. “It is clear that this barren and irresponsible policy will have consequences for those endorsing it, and the Saudi government will have to pay for pursuing this policy,” said Hossein Jaberi-Ansari, a spokesman for Iran’s Foreign Ministry. According to the New York Times. A Sunni-Shi-ite civil war (in effect -it is like Catholics Vs Protestants), should be well worth the price of admission.

Sports: I have only one wish today, please God let the Jets win.

Memory Motel: an excerpt from my work in progress for the New Year: “And there was the Stones, born in the rubble of post-Battle Of Britain London, emerged out of the ashes, the bombed out homes, the dead teenage men of two world wars, to lay down their guns and pick up their guitars and swing free. And then, 80 years later, they have laid down the guitars that freed them and returned to the ashes from where they were born.”


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