These Days: Sunday, July 9th, 2017

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Gang Bangers Of The Taliban: I should have known that received opinions are exactly that, received opinions. Even when it comes to the tons of gangs in the projects and poorer black and Latin American neighborhoods. Gang bangers are bad in the same way that, say, the Taliban are bad, they are a correction to the brutal police, and an alternative force. But they aren’t the random hazed out  murderers of legend, though I assume they can be that. They are like a brutal man who rapes his daughters but won’t let anyone else touch them.

21st Century Sundays: Almost caught up with my writing, and nothing I much want to see at the movies, I figured I’d go to the city and wander around but here is the problem with the 21st century: back in the day I could go on a walk from HMV’s opposite the Beacon on 74th and Broadway to Sounds on St Marks Place between 3rd and 2nd avenue, stopping off at record and bookstores along the way. Now? What the hell, I might as well do nothing instead.

New Music AND Old Music: Both Alex Chilton and Chris Bell have terrific albums released, both of which are as excellent as you hoped they would be. Chilton compared his to Blowin’ My Mind and give it a listen and you’ll see exactly what he means.

Old Music: Still haven’t reached the first Sinatra solo album, but up to Good Times -more Stax outtakes, on Elvis which I like much more than Mick Farren and Roy Carr did, Flowers In The Dirt for McCartney, and Prince’s PLECTRUMELECTRUM, a very good album lead by the terrific “Wow” -I think I may have unestimated in 2014… I also didn’t notice that unheard of four year break…

Rock Writing: I was really thrilled to get my hands on the Mick Farren and Roy Carr Elvis Presley: The Illustrated Record and had only wished I’d gotten it 60 album reviews earlier. But I have serious disagreements with them while realizing the two terrific writers were there years before I was. Their problem is while they are great at rock, they hate Middle Of The Road so much they mishear his 70s output, and hate pop flotsam so much, they don’t get his movie albums -I mean, they don’t get even the good stuff.

Sports: Yanks won and if they take the series and if the y take the series it will be the first series they’ve won in a month. Mets lost.

Change Is Gonna Come: I am seriously considering killing off this column, it is a lot of work for something so little read… I am considering morphing it into an occasional column called “Some Girls” -just a wrap up as I feel necessary…


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  1. Dean Mattson

    Since I have plenty of other places to get sports news and political opinion, I can get by on less frequent updates on those topics. What I will miss is is the New and Old Music updates which often point out great songs or albums that I might not have paid attention to otherwise. So a suggestion – how about resurrecting either The Song Remains the Same or 10 Songs once a week or so? Surely you’re coming across more great songs than you write about in the singles column or are able to mention in the albums round-up. I’d like to hear them. Otherwise, thanks for your hard work. I look forward to seeing what’s new each morning.


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