These Days: Sunday, June 11th, 2017

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Suicide: Some things are hard to excuse, and looking at Chris with his three wonderful children, Cornell’s suicide is unacceptable. If he had died of cancer, that would be acceptable but to end your own life? I don’t care how much pain he was in, he had a responsibility to hang around till his daughters were grown up. I’ve seriously considered suicide on two occasions and if I had done so, it wouldn’t have much mattered. But if I’d had people who relied upon me, then it would be a nightmare that needed to be dealt with and how, because otherwise you end up like Chris, putting a horror on the people you are most responsible for. Childhood, real childhood, is such a tiny amount of our lives and the memories must maintain us forever. Every memory is ingrained in our fresh little brains with nothing to clutter around them, you can’t put such terror on the one’s you love. It isn’t right. Nobody needs to be told what happens next, all the fear and sorrow you can imagine amplified through loudspeakers to the entire world, when you are at your most vulnerable.

More Death: Look, father’s die young. But Scott Weiland overdosing is much easier to bare than this. Cancer, drowning (Jerry Garcia’s dad when Jerry was six years old), heart disease (my dad)… all are on some level out of the person’s control… you could make an argument that suicide is the definition of insanity and in that sense I guess it could be looked at that way….

Death: I was reading somewhere (Quora, I think), about life lessons and one that stands out is how people don’t care about you as much as you think they do. It is something worth keeping in mind because it is true even when people are devastatingly in love with you, even when, as I read about a wife whose husband died of cancer at the age of 35, when the person is sleeping on your grave at night. When somebody you love dies, what remains is not the person but the pain because it is about you and not them.

Concerts: I was quite pleased with the Chainsmokers at Forest Hills (Grade: B), they are a good mix and match of house and EDM pop. The audience were relatively cool as well and the place was popping.

More Concerts:The week of June 19th and here comes Diana Krall, Jason Isbell, and the Dead.

Old Music: Settling into the Nick Cave setlist while waiting to do the same with Tom Petty and Neil Diamond, and also, back to 2016 and Kiiara, who opened for the Chainsmokers last night, “Dopemang” -an epic hard drugs ode of the first order (Grade: B+).

New Music: I may have underestimated the new Katy Perry -the problem is, her job is to be popular and her artistry must be shown directly through sales. No sales, no artistry. And the singles bombed. The album will enter the charts at # 1 but that doesn’t constitute a hit nowadays. This is much deadlier than the uniform pans (54% on Metacritic), and to be dead straight, when  Max Martin, Sia,  and Jeff Bhasker are your team, the hits should just come with the territory. Still, I think it is a not bad effort. Grade: B. Another goodie from Chuck, “She Still Love You” -cool piano blues drag but with an airtight melody (Grade: A-)

Television: I watched the first episode of “Long Strange Trip” on Amazon and will probably stop there. I am as far from a Dead Head as you can get, though I don’t hate em the way I did when punk and I were young: in my world of loud fast rules, slow boring was the act. In retrospect, Both the Velvet Underground and the Grateful Dead starting life with the same band name The Warlocks, makes perfect sense. For white rock, the entire scene went in either one or the other, or West Coast  Vs East Coast, or heroin vs heroin (well, at least they had that in common). One question: if Jerry’s dad (a musician) died when he was a child, what was Garcia’s financial upbringing. Class isn’t mentioned once in the first episode.  Grade: B

Death: The 1960s Batman series may well have been dayglow psychedelic high camp, but it was the best Batman because if Adam West’s sincerity was tongue in cheek, his and Burt Ward’s alternate world was one where good and evil kept on offering redemption and 60s type positivity even if its tongue was in its cheek. I haven’t liked  all those dark knight brooding bats from hell as much. I admire Christian Bale’s Bat and Heath Ledger’s the Joker was the gold standard, but George Clooney, Val Kilmer, Michael Keaton -none of them were all that hot. West will always be my Batman. Adam died yesterday at the age of 88.

Sports: Aaron Judge, Didi Gregorius, Starlin Castro, Matt Holliday and Gary Sanchez all homered. The Yankees beat the Orioles 3 – 16 (and on a route of that size, the 3 isn’t serious, the pitchers are throwing strikes all the way). Aaron Judge hit a homer at 121.1 MPH exit velocity. A new world record. The Mets are 10.5 games out of second place and 6 games under 500….. while winning yesterday.


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