These Days: Sunday, June 25th, 2017

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Concerts: Dead And Company at Citi Field last night were as irritating as their weekend hippie aged and aging fans and their children. Like the acrid smell of pot wafting through the truly lovely evening. I’ve seen the Dead a number of times and either it happens and with exception of the last song before intermission, Bob Weir’s aberrant “One More Saturday Night” I was stupefied. Why do the Dead play Motown? Please ask them to stop. I left at intermission but I got a text from rock nyc writer Ken Davis to tell me the band had taken a 50 minute break between sets. To call jam bands self indulgent is less an insult and more a defining characteristic and as a child of punk I will never entirely rid myself of the sense that I was born to eradicate it, so  , really, unless the Dead or Phish, are way on top of their game, they are a stalled N train at three in the morning, incapable of getting me there. If there was a worse three song opening this year than these chumps “Dancing In The Street” to “Jack Straw” to an abysmal “Here Comes Sunshine” I haven’t heard it. They harshed my mellow  – Grade: D

Movies: I watch “Performance” every decade or so and yesterday became more clearly aware as to how very stylized the first 30 minutes were. Back in the day it was a huge change when Chas gets to Turner’s but now it feels more of the same. Also, for some reason I always see “Performance” as Nick Roeg’s vision, but it is actually writer and director Donald Cammell who we feel most clearly.

New Music: Jeff Tweedy re-records some songs arranged for acoustic guitar, words fail to express how terrible an experience it is (Grade: D), country star in waiting Jillian Jacqueline has released yet another breakthrough song for the woman, the groovy pop masterstroke “Bleachers” – rhyming over achievers with under the bleachers is one of her many achievements here (Grade: A-)

Old Music: I have been listening to Macca’s Choba B CCCP, and I am not sold on it. The singing is astonishing (listen for his return to “Kansas City”) but the performances are a  little moldy. Grade: B-

Health Care: The problem with US healthcare is that there is no center in the sprawling country, it is too big for forms of socialism or nationalizing ti work. Obamacare didn’t work and Trumpcare is much worse. However, as the Post noted, Americans want free health care with the doctor of their choice and they aren’t gonna get it.

Sports: NYCFC beat the Red Bulls 2 – 0, the Mets won behind Degrom, the Yanks got shellacked by Texas 2 – 8, they are playing .200 and apparently they have a glass jaw.



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