These Days: Sunday, March 12th, 2017

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Theatre: Yes, I agree, Glenn Close’s Norma Desmond is a bravura and fearless performance, but once you’ve said that, why are they charging $200 for a cheapo production? This is Broadway, where is the giant swimming pool we got at the Gershwin? Where are the huge dance numbers and swifting shifting stages, where is the Broadway on Broadway? There is zero excuse for this in concertish performance. Norma would have never accepted it, it’s not Norma’s fault that the theatre got smaller and that what should be a huge production… I hope this isn’t a trend, I hope next year’s “My Fair Lady” goes full monty – Grade: C

Preet: Preet Bharara refused to resign as Attorney General so he was fired. I get that, and I know why, Preet is Schumer’s guy and Schumer has been a pain in the ass. BUT, Preet is after the Mayor and the Governor and why on earth Trump doesn’t want him to finish the  job I cannot say, it would be much more useful than pissing off Schumer who couldn’t much care.

The state of the nation: is vulgar

Letterman: author Jason Zinoman in “Letterman: The Last Giant of Late Night,” seems to have written a major hit job though, really, who is surprised by any of this? I have had two run ins with Letterman and he was a complete asshole both times and he remains the second best talk show host of all time. The acid was there from the beginning, it is part of what he did and you can’t separate it from his skill set.

Muslims: “A Florida man determined to “run the Arabs out of our country” attempted to burn down a convenience store that he mistakenly thought was Muslim-owned, police said. ”

New Music: I have been listening to the new Laura Marling, Semper Femina, and I just wish I could find a way to love it. The truth is, musicians peak and while her new album isn’t bad, its worse moments are no worse than they have ever been, at no time does it break free. There is no “Ghosts” (28M streams on Spotify -despite being released years before Spotify existed), there is nothing close, no “Sophia,” that three song suite from Once I Was An Eagle? Gone. Laura was the successor, the first successor, to Joni Mitchell. And now she is just another pal of Conor Oberst (Grade: C+).

Old Music: Just to convince myself I hadn’t lost my mind, I spent a coupla hours retracing the arc of Laura Marling: it isn’t me. She was one of the greats for a couple of years and now she isn’t. “Sunset Boulevard” has a coupla great songs and a nice tag line (“we taught the world new ways to dream”) and a huge lead roll. Is that enough? It is actually kinda short, the Palace Theatre starts a little late and has a longer than necessary intermission to get it past the two hour mark.

Weather: They are promising a foot of snow on Tuesday, can’t say I’m thrilled by the prospect. Wednesday is Green Day -transportation should be a laugh riot.

Concerts: Green Day on Wednesday, I haven’t seen them on stage since Velvet Revolver opened for em in the mid-00s, so I am going into Wednesday’s show with a great deal of interest. On Thursday is the Tibet House Benefit, which will second as a tribute to Philip Glass and that makes it unmissable for the first time in decades.

Homelessness: “Black and Hispanic neighborhoods struggling with poverty bear the brunt of the battle to shelter the homeless, not affluent white communities, a Daily News data analysis shows. Critics say this racial imbalance is likely to be reinforced by Mayor de Blasio’s new plan to keep homeless individuals in the communities where they become homeless.” In my 20s I was so poor I was terrified I’d end up homeless, my empathy and fear for those without a roof to call their own is extreme.

Death: Joni Sledge, who recorded ‘We Are Family’ with sisters, dead at 60


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