These Days: Sunday, May 14th, 2017

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Opera: Yesterday afternoon, Renee Fleming’s final opera performance was at Lincoln Center in the Met’s production of “Der Rosenkavalier,” beamed live to cinemas around the world. It isn’t nearly the end of the great soprano, though it appears to be the end of the heavy lifting no nonsense opera diva. I caught it earlier this week, and our loss. I may still decide to write about it, probably not.

Concert: Rhiannon Giddens’  performance at the close of this season’s American Songbook at Tully Hall last night had the sweep of great art, Americana of sorts, but one where, as the former Carolina Chocolate Drop noted, she drew a line between musical genres and crossed them constantly. She dedicated Mr. Big Shot to Trump. Review to follow.

More Concerts: Yeah, I’m passing on Metallica. Sunday at Metlife? Nah. Maybe for Taylor…

Artist Update: Taylor Swift has had an off message since the end of the 1989 tour. Maybe she got a little too big for her britches: dismissed Calvin Harris, claimed she didn’t give Kanye permission to write about her when Kanye had taped her doing just that, made an ass out of herself with actor Tom Hiddleston, came out the worse in her Katy Perry fight, became the KKK’s poster child, failed to join the chorus of braying Trump haters, all three new releases, with Calvin, Little Big Town, and Zayn were (relatively) minor pop moves. For a woman who had made hardly a bad move in a decade, it felt like a major meltdown. However, after radio silence all year here come murmurings: Taylor is recording an album for Autumn release, Harry Styles wrote the best song on his new album for her, and, pleading  please, let’s have her closing down Jingle Ball in 2017…

Sports: The Yanks are retiring Derek Jeter’s “No. 2” and should. One of the great Yankees, top ten for sure. I met him once early in his career and he wasn’t very nice at all, of course I am a nobody so perhaps he kept his manners for Mr. Torre and swimsuit models. Apparently, after he slept with a girl he would send her (“hers” no doubt) with a bag of memorabilia. Hand it to Derek that we never got to see it… Still, I happened to catch him on the first  day he played in the majors and was a Yankee season ticket holder from 1998 – 2001, and watched the gifted and great athlete many many times. He deserves every accolade in the world.

More Sports: The Mets lost again and the Yanks were lucky enough to get rained out which might give them the chance to stop the hemorrhaging. The Liberty won their first game of the season, beating the San Antonio Stars and the Liberty’s former greatest performer, the Stars now Head Coach, Vicki Johnson.

Mother’s Day: If there is nothing better than a good mother, there are few things worse than a rotten one. It couldn’t have less meaning to me. Well, maybe Father’s Day has less, because I don’t have one and am not one.

Eurovision Song Contest: Salvador Sobral  of Portugal won for the nothing much ballad “Amar Pelos Dois”. Sobral: “I want to say that we live in a world of disposable music, fast food music without any content. Music is not fireworks, music is feeling, so let’s try to really change this, and bring music back.”

New Music: I found a good song on the new Talk Hea… I mean Paramore album, “Idle Worship”. Which leads me to thinking I may start a new column of best songs of the week that are not singles. I am considering it. I might call it The Song Remains The Same…

Old Music: I am a little stuck on the Presley album… still in thought.

Apocalypse Now: North Korea test another missile, US warns of stronger sanctions against the rogue nation, cyberattacks at dawn awaits Monday morning…

Taxes: The thing to understand about the States is that your taxes are monumentally wasted with a humongous bureaucracy whose primary objective is neither national security, the health or the housing of our citizens, the infrastructure, none of that… no, we pay taxes in order to feed the humongous bureaucracy who has one skill above all others. The ability to grow. If Trumpo threatened it, he would be out of office.


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