These Days: Sunday, May 15th, 2016

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The Race For The Presidency: Oh great, another blonde for Bill. Apparently, the Bill Clinton Charity Foundation, pledge $2M to the knockout  divorcee Julie Tauber McMahon’s firm, the for profit Energy Pioneer Solutions, which gets cheap energy to poor people. However, there are implications that the relationship between Bill and Julie, nicknamed “the energizer” as she came in one door after Hillary left from the other, may not have been entirely professional . Nice hit job by the Washington Post, though it will be interesting to see if the story has legs as long  as Julie’s. For sure, Bill knew his wife would be running for President, knew there would be nonstop investigation of his sex life and at the age of 69, he should have been more circumspect.

The Race For The Presidency 2: New York Times failed to nail Trump as a sexist pig in their “How Trump Has Treated Women in Private”. Really, you call that muckraking?

POTUS: As a man who came to the Presidency to end pointless wars, Obama has been at war since he arrived. The entire concept of peace time has proven alien in the 21st century, it is all war all the time. Nowadays, it is the AIDs of government. Manage as best you may.

Live: Graham Nash? That song about a whale scared me out. 1975 next.

Recorded: Chance The Rapper has one of the best albums of the year under his belt, I see it as number three: just behind Kanye and Beyonce. Which is an odd threesome, all mainstream hip hop, all major stars. Go one further and you will find the fabulous indie popster Free Cake For Every Creature. HOWEVER, from what I’ve heard of the new Marla Mase, expect her album to shake up this list, just wait for Marla’s “Everyone Dies” to drop.

Sunday’s Best: The problem with Sunday is it is one long countdown to Monday, it is six in the morning as I write this and excuse me if I have flash forward 24 hours and imagining myself working on another week of hell.



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