These Days: Sunday, May 7th, 2017

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Not POTUS: At Barclay Center last night, the cheers of the 20K audience members at Barbra Streisand’s concert were deafening, people were off the seats and on cloud nine cheering… a bad politician. Clinton’s problem is that she doesn’t know how to project decency, she is pinched and businesslike and when she feels our pain we don’t believe her. This is misogyny and to the place where she lost because of misogyny this is why: her maternal side, her I will lead you through this with love was none existent. It is fair enough to claim that compared to Trump she was Mother Theresa, yet even still, Trump didn’t go to coalmines and tell them he was closing them down and he didn’t call half the country deplorable. At the Streisand “Back To Brooklyn” gig, something else happened: the cheers for Clinton suggested we are in a period of extended mourning, our affection for the former Senator For New York beyond the kiln of celebrity rubbernecking and into alternate reality. Yet, even now, HRC has no idea how to present herself to the public. “If the election had been on October 27, I would be your president.” Hillary said  to CNN’s Christiane Amanpour at a Women for Women event in New York. Perhaps, but she lost a lot more votes by running a lousy campaign and being entirely unable to appeal to anyone, really. I mean outside of Cali and New York. There was something cruelly disturbing about the woman and THAT MAY BE MISOGYNIST AS WELL.  We expect women to be softer than men and when they can’t project it, they lose. And Clinton can’t project it. Back at Barclay Center, the audience roared their approval of her every step of the way, she looked like Streisand, she looked like a legend.

Concerts: Barbra Streisand wasn’t as tight as the last time I saw her at Barclays Center (here) in 2016, or the show in 2012, or God’s know, her terrific show in 2000 at MSG. There is a woolliness and a slackening as time goes by. Still, it is Barbra, right? (Grade: B+)

New Music: The Neighborhood Bullies’  Davey Meshell has a new album coming out soon and I’ve heard some rough cuts. Seems awful good to me. The difference between garage rock and pub rock is the difference between MC5 and Dr. Feelgood. This is Dr. Feelgood and absolutely the better for it. A rough hewn hard rocking blues and classic rock standard bearer. Grade: B+.

Old Music: Getting ready for Rhiannon Giddens next Saturday at Lincoln Center, the setlist sounds first rate. Anthony Newley was one in a million and whenever I see Barbra performing “Who Can I Turn To (When Nobody Needs Me)” with old footage of the late Newley from “The Roar Of The Greasepaint, The Smell Of The Crowd,” I go back and listen some more.

rock nyc: planning on making a commercial, just something to give the world an idea as to what we are up to here. More as it develops.

Sports: What a difference a game makes, after taking the Senators to the woodshed for two home games, the Rangers lost in overtime yesterday. One more loss or two more wins?

More Sports: Both the Yanks and the Mets are making winning a habit. The Yanks are a slim 0.5 in first and the Birds are a good team. The sense is the Yanks are overachieving, and certainly they need more pitching…



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