These Days: Sunday, November 15th, 2015

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Recorded: That Dylan Collectors Edition? You listen to him deciding to cut the harp till the end of “One Of Must Know (Sooner Or Later)” because he wants to bring it in under five minutes!!!! It is astonishing that at this level of unparalleled artistry, he was enough a snog and dance man to worry song song length…  This is heaven…

Live: Two huge shows I’d love to see next week, Adele at Radio City on Tuesday and I would love to see Jeff Lynne’s ELO at Irving Plaza on Friday. I could swing ELO at $270 but decided to pass because I hate standing room only joines, at my height I’d never see a thing and while I’d pay $65 to see little I wouldn’t pay $270.

Social Media: If 9-11 had to happen, it is a good thing social media didn’t exist when it did happen, within a week it’d have had me thinking, “hey maybe Bin Laden had a point”. I realize people really care about Paris, but overkill trivializes… and while I blame myself as much as anyone, even still: it really hurts when you get people immune to terror attacks That’s the problem with Foo Fighters, they overkill it when they should have sneered.

Madonna:In the midst of the best tour of her life, she performed in Stockholm yesterday, refusing to give into terrorism. This is exactly what Foo Fighters should’ve done.



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