These Days: Thursday, April 13th, 2017

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Sports: Henrik Lundqvist made an astounding 31 saves and the Rangers beat the Canadiens in Game one of the Hockey playofss, thereby also screwing Montreal out of home team advantage. This man is so ace, after all these years, and after a disappointing season, to just shut it down. Incredible. Makes me wanna take a trip to MSG next week… Sunday, Tuesday… figure a coupla hundred bucks for a cheapo…

More Sports: The Knicks season is over for another year. What a disappointment, it is hard to remember a time when the Knicks were better than not remotely good enough. I know I am a majority of one, but I loved that Sprewell-Houston team. Sprewell played Lennon to Houston’s McCartney… or maybe Jughead to Houston’s Archie…  Melo plays Kanye West: all alone and no longer at the top…

More More Sports: The Yanks are at .500 (4-4) and the Mets re 6 – 3 and in first place…

Old Music: I am deep into Homeward Bound: The Life of Paul Simon by the excellent writer Peter Ames Carlin (Grade: A), Peter wrote the Bruce Springsteen bio (Grade: A) -I, personally, preferred it to the auto-bio in some ways -funnily enough, I thought Carlin’s aim was truer when it came to the music. The Simon story is scrupulously fair  and among other things sent me back to the Live In Central Park album, which sounds  better than I remembered (Grade: B+).

New Music: I truly envy Alyson Camus, who saw Mount Eerie the other day (on the West Coast, of course). His A Crow Looked At Me is one of the best albums of the years, and he ain’t coming East so I guess I’ll have to live vicariously.

Concerts: I am taking my niece to Bon Jovi at MSG -SECOND ROW!!! Of all the bands I could see second row at MSG, why this one oh lord…

More Concerts: Just got a tix for Mr. Rockit Herbie Hancock at the Beacon in August -should be a biggie.

United Airlines: Two things 1- Four other people were removed from the plane, since none of them were Asian, where is the racial profiling? 2 – Sure, it is embarrassing and wrong and a pain, but cmon, you’re a grown man. They weren’t taking you outside to face a firing squad. My friend Steve Potocin thinks the “doctor”  thought about and figured he’d go back on and get a big pay day when they forcibly removed him. Meanwhile UA are morons: it cost em $250M in a day.



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