These Days: Thursday, April 27th, 2017

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Sports: Today (today today today) I am the luckiest man on earth as the Yanks powdered the Red Sox 3 -1 behind a commanding Luis Severino performance, an awesome Derek Jeterish catch by Aaron Judge, an error, a two run homer by birthday boy, 25 year old Aaron, and a coupla lucky breaks. The Yanks are 1.5 out of first with a solid 12 – 7 record. The Mets on the other hand, got shellacked by the Braves and are 8 – 12 and better start getting players off the DL.

More Sports: Derek Jeter to buy the Marlins with Jeb Bush -proof that money less makes strange bedfellows and more makes average bedfellows.

Much More Sports: Game one for the Rangers tonight, against the Senators, who they could beat but even if they do… the Penguins might well have their number. Fifth time in six years, by the way.

Concerts: An interesting end of the week coming up, the Revolution tomorrow at BB Kings and Diana Ross on Saturday at City Center. I got a nosebleed for Diana (after quite a bit of deliberation because I am hoping to expend upon a killer ticket for Sir Paul at MSG. Already on Stubhub at $3500, I am not willing to go close to that but hopefully I can snag a great seat for $1K.

Old Music: Gearing up for my Elvis (Fool) review, an OK middle of Elvis mix and match from 1972 sessions and a coupla Aloha tracks (Grade: B). The Diana Ross setlist is astounding -we even get a coupla “Lady” songs.

Death: Jonathan Demme, the man behind the camera at some terrific movies, “Silence Of The Lambs,” “Stop Making Sense,” “Something Wild,” and more, dead at 73 years of age.

Books: I am reading the Hillary Clinton campaign book with mouth agape at the incompetence of the entire enterprise. People always mistook my hatred for HC as a dislike on a personal level, I disliked her on a political level: I disliked her lack of skills. I would have VASTLY preferred her as POTUS.



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