These Days: Thursday, February 9th, 2017

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No More Snow Days Anymore: We are being promised 5 to 9 inches here, but what comes to mind is this: back in the day that meant playing in the snow or snoozing and watching TV or whatever. Today, there is minimal difference between working at home and working at work. Indeed, in some ways home is preferable because there is no commute and you can start earlier and with fewer interruptions. However, it is also a little sad, right? It’s not simply that you can no longer be a kid, you can no longer be an adult. I remember in the 1990s being stranded and warm and cozy (I also remember trudging to work in worse conditions than this but I was so much older then…).

POTUS: Working Day: Trump wakes at 5am and ends his day at 1am… well, that explains it: SLEEP DEPRIVATION

Oldies: I am finally up to Sir Paul’s very popular Tug Of War, but I consider it perhaps his second saddest album and not just because of Lennon. I’ll explain when I write it up, at some point in my life…

Newies: Yes, it is Thursday and I am sick of Sampha and Syd and, god knows, Elbow. When will tomorrow arrive so I can get on with some new albums. Also, I was heavy into Wiley earlier this week but I’ve moved on. Over at NPR’s First Listen, there is the upcoming Alison Krauss  and Chuck Prophet’s brilliantly named Bobby Fuller Died For Your Sins, the title track earns its name. The rest of the album not so much, though the sound is exemplary the songs are missing a little (Grade: B-). Oh, and the writer of the blurb called Fuller a one hit wonder. Who is Tom Moon and why is he writing for NPR if that’s his opinion of godlike genius Bobby Fuller -get the hell outta here…  As for Krauss, I love “It’s Goodbye And So Long To You” but I need a little longer for a grade… somewhere between very good and great.

Sean Spicer: He looks like a kid who was bullied all through Junior High and is shrilly getting his revenge on the world… though look at Steve Bannon -that is the modus operandi of the administration

Sports: Charles Oakley Is Arrested After Altercation at Knicks Loss: Unlike the Knicks who can’t even get arrested

Concert: Picked up Blondie/Garbage, Lady Gaga and (as promised) Rhiannon Giddens.




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