These Days: Thursday, January 26th, 2017

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The Stock Market Soars: Certain scenarios remain constant, for instance I’ve always been a fiscal conservative when it comes to taxes, a defense (read war) independent, and a democratic at worst (anarchist at best) when it comes to everything else. So I am not surprised that through all these days of sturm and drang, The Dow finished the day at 20,068.51. In 1972 the Dow was at 1,000 so if you have played safe in 72 you’d be a rich person in 2017.

New Music: I’ve been listening to the mix and match soul and confessional Salt by Shy Girl (aka Dan Vidmar). Considered alternative r&b (why does nobody call it soul anymore?) with diminishing returns but returns nevertheless. The first time round it was great, the second time through Salt it got a little draggy but even so, a good album (Grade: B). The new John Mellencamp? “Easy Target” is about exactly what you think it is, while wishing it wasn’t (Grade: C).

Old Music: I listened to the Allman Brothers all morning, especially last year’s Live From A&R Studios.

Death: The grim reaper is back on track, we lost Maggie Roche last week and the spunky Mary Tyler Moore and the jam band drummer to beat all jam band drummer Butch Trucks yesterday. Two biggies.

Television: Wait a second: CBS Prime on Saturdays in 1974?  All in the Family – The Jeffersons – Mary Tyler Moore – The Bob Newhart Show – The Carol Burnett Show. Now remember that was back when we watched TV when we were told, so not only was it great TV it was also the definition of must see TV. I’ve always been a TV traditionalist, by the 80s I didn’t love it as much even though I hadn’t been in the States in that 1970s second golden age, but this proves that TV was simply better than.

Sports: Serena Williams versus Vanessa in the Australian Open Finals. My money’s on Serena, but they couldn’t have done this at Arthur Ashe?




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