These Days: Thursday, March 16th, 2017

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Mass Transit: The MTA has just raised their prices again. A monthly pass has gone from $116 to $121 and while I barely notice it, there are some folks who have just lost a loaf of bread to spiraling pensions for workers. I have two close family members who belong to the MTA Union, so they are certainly welcome to my five bucks. Having said that, the subway system is a nightmare, yesterday I got stuck three spate times and while the conductor used to tell us what is happening, we now get the boiler plate and insulting, “train traffic ahead, we apologize for the inconvenience” lie. There is no correct time to leave to work, you are either way too early or way too late. They are filled to overflowing and fights break out constantly –it is like the David Cassidy BB Kings finale ALL THE TIME. Finally, yes there is wi fi in stations, there is zero wi fi when you’re stuck in a tunnel. For all we know, the Mexicans could have invaded while we are stuck in this metal coffin.

Concerts: Watching Green Day on stage is like babysitting a ten year old boy with ADD.

Tickets: A friend of mine claims Depeche Mode was an instantaneous sellout, 50K seats gone in a blink of an eye. Isn’t it time we got those bots back under control?

Old Music: Reading the Paul Simon biography sent me back to his earlier work, not Tom & Jerry, but Songbook, 3am, Paisley… like that. What it proves is you were fine with that Greatest Hits package.

New Music: ONE MORE DAY! The new Frank Ocean single “Chanel” is very major, if this is the future of r&b deal me in (Grade: A-)

Trump’s Taxes: Did Meadows not actually rid em before she went on the air?

Trump’s Conspiracy Theories: To put it simply, you can’t do that. You need proof before you can claim FOTUS wiretapped. The man makes so many double faults even I could beat him at tennis.


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