These Days: Thursday, March 23rd, 2017

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Concerts: I saw Donovan once, maybe 2000, at Symphony Space and not once then so excuse me if I blow off one of the biggest stars today, The Weeknd, to catch him again after all these years. At the Cutting Room. Neither of em are the greatest live act you’ll ever see. And Dylan’s pointed insult in London back in the day holds true. But only when compared with Dylan. Donovan as Donovan was a good lyricist and a great melodist. He is performing two sets on June 6th.

News: Holy crap, let’s round it up just for the hell of it:

Seven people arrested after terror attack in central London leaves three victims and attacker dead

Police officer, three others killed in ‘tragic’ Wisconsin town shooting spree

Hawaii GOP leader resigns, blasts ‘racism and sexism’ in the party, seeks membership with the Democrats

Texas teen admits she made up hoax claims about abduction, rape by ‘three black males’

President Trump was reportedly ‘obsessed’ with translator’s breasts during Japanese PM Shinzo Abe’s visit

Man holding selfie stick at London terror attack scene sparks outrage

Koch brothers reportedly pledge millions of dollars to Republicans opposing Trump-backed health care bill

Six arrested, including Rockefeller Center chef, on charges of smuggling 105 guns into NYC via ‘iron pipeline’

‘Love Actually’ brings back iconic cue cards in sequel trailer (it’s a pity it is promoting a ten minute short and not a complete sequel) (so sad not to see Alan Rickman)

Kellyanne Conway’s New Jersey roots involve grandfather’s alleged mob ties

Wyclef Jean says he feared for his life during police detainment for ‘absolutely nothing’ (perhaps they heard his last album)

Schiff says Nunes can’t lead Russia inquiry and be a Trump surrogate

In Greeting to Iran, Trump Leaves Out Their Government

AT&T and Johnson & Johnson Pull Ads From YouTube

Manhattan Killing Suspect Hated Black Men, Police Say

New Music: All Drake, all the time, “Teenage Fever” is sample as cover song. Ya dun know, eh? Also, my other big album of the moment is Mount Eerie’s A Crow Looked At Me. “When real death enters the house, all poetry is done”.

Old Music: Donovan and Micky Dolenz, so I guess REALLY old music. I also went back to more recent Views for a drive round the block. It is better than I remembered.

Sports: US beats Puerto Rico to win the World Baseball Classic, but wait a second, I thought Puerto Rico was a part of the US?



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