These Days: Thursday, March 9th, 2017

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Hunger: “A 5-year-old girl was found hungry and alone at a Queens supermarket Wednesday night, after a day care worker failed to return her to a guardian, police said. Essiah Miller walked into the Three Brothers Meat Market on Central Ave. by Neilson St. in Far Rockaway at 6:30 p.m. asking for food, cops said.”

Housing: Trump administration is considering $6B worth of cuts in public housing.

Healthcare: this should be the place where the late middle aged whites in the blue states realize they’ve been fucked over big time.

Concerts: I thought the Chainsmokers were amateurs on stage when I saw them late last year, but I’ve admired their work so much this year (three singles in the top ten, all pretty good), I couldn’t resist seeing the EDM duo again. At Forest Hills Stadium, where the youth of America should be getting loud for this one.

More concerts: Ed Sheeran is playing Barclay Center September 29th and September 30th, and may I be the first to say how thrilled I am. I’ve seen him many, many times but this is the first one I am thrilled over. Yes, Division is that great. Here is what the Guardian had to say, “This is a slick, potent album–one that reeks of nostalgia and comfort, campfires, scented candles, spilt pints of Guinness and, for those not enthralled by his algorithmic songcraft, the sharp stench of a salesman’s cheap cologne.” Don’t ask me, I just read em. Clash Music claimed the people who buy it will be men, not women, begging an answer to the musical question: have you never been to one of Sheeran’s concerts?

Immigration: In February a drop in illegal border crossing, having the Trump congratulate themselves on effectively destroying so many people’s lives.

A Day Without Woman: there is something sexist in  giving women their own special day. It’s as if you are saying because you are not the equal of men you need special consideration: here’s a day, enjoy it.

New Music: Heavy duty Chainsmokers yesterday, a band I really am growing to love.

Old Music: James Taylor’s last album stands up nicely and I look forward to seeing him at Prudential on July 6th, after being blown away by his Forest Hills gig two years ago (here)




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