These Days: Thursday, May 11th, 2017

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US-Russia Relationship No Longer At Lowest Point Since The Cold War: Back in February, Russian MP claimed “Either Trump has not gained the requisite independence and he is consequently being not unsuccessfully backed into a corner, or Russophobia has already infected the new administration also from top to bottom.” Yes, the cold war was back and just in time to stop Donald “I will tell you this, Russia: If you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing” Trump being accused of collusion with a foreign power. But look at those pictures, Germany should be so lucky, Trump wouldn’t even shake our allies hand and here he is so happy to back among his peeps.

Elderly white men: How ugly they are, how fat and pasty and greedy and repulsive. They are stock villains, they are the men who kept Oliver Twist in workhouses. They are the men who will eat your lunch, take away your healthcare, destroy the environment and disallow your choice on whether to have a child or not while warehousing you in prison after destroying your education. These guys are beyond repulsive, they are the very bottom of the human chain gang. They are worse than the Puerto Rican gangbangers terrorizing the Bronx. They are worse than the sex slave traders kidnapping young Asian women and forcing them into lives of prostitution in the US by threatening their families. These people are a pox on the face of the country. On the face of the earth.

New Music: Last week is FINALLY coming to an end and as it does there isn’t much that held over from last week. I am giving another listen to Perfume Genius, which I may have underestimated. I dunno, the first cut is the deepest and this certainly isn’t that. Grade: B. But I will listen a little more. My idea of fun is Lil Yachty. I listened to everything I could find yesterday -At my age (60 years old), youth feels like a trick they do with mirrors.

Old Music: I can’t understand why I am not enjoying the first Presley at Stax album more (Grade: B-), the material is a little iffy so maybe that is it. Anyway, I haven’t given it the concentrated push I plan to. Otherwise, next up is a liver from Prince and a greatest hit for Sir Paul.

Sports: Yanks didn’t play, Sunday is the Jeter tribute at Yankee Stadium. Why does Jeter always look as though he has smelly socks under his nose? Has a man ever been more convinced of his superiority to everybody. Mets back under .500. Somewhere, basketball is still being played.

Concerts: Rhiannon coming up on Saturday and I am gonna pass on Metallica I think. Then Future and then NOTHING FOR ELEVEN DAYS

Death:  Kathy Berman, 67, wife of ESPN’s Chris Berman killed in Connecticut car crash


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