These Days: Thursday, May 18th, 2017

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Death: Chris Cornell, grunge metal stalwart and responsible for the sound of about a quarter of modern rock, died last night at the age of 52. I saw Soundgarden perform a terrific set at Roseland in 1996 and was very impressed with his skills as a frontman. Chris was 20 years old when he formed the band in Seattle and exploded as a part of the entire scene that brought us Nirvana and Soundgarden (and baby Soundgarden: Stone Temple Pilots). Soundgarden reformed in 2010 and honestly, weren’t missing much if that was what you wanted. Chris’s deep, histrionic, and powerful voice was the curtain call to classic rock, replaced by a teen angst that has been the invariable in modern rock.

More Death: Roger Ailes, one of the great villains of the television world, is proof that a man without Satan in his life (aka Rupert Murdoch) is only half a man. The 77 year old former Fox boss was a hemophiliac with obesity and arthritis and while we might not want to speak ill of the freshly corpsed, I think an exception might be made here.

Trump: I warned Trump not to mess with the FBI, but would he listen? Having said that the best thing he has done for the country so far is ridding us of Comey. Anyone who thinks Comey is a good guy hasn’t been paying attention. The means never justify the ends but since Trump took it upon himself to fire Comey, thank you very very much.

The Special Prosecutor Is: The head of the FBI before Comey…

Old Music: My Legacy issue of Presley’s Fool arrived. I bought it for the eleven minute “Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright,” and it is worth it if only for that: it isn’t all the two minute swing through on the original recording but a folkier country take in a smart groove. “Until It’s Time For You To go” equals Francois Hardy’s take.

New Music: For the record, PWR BTTM are nowhere to be seen and the top two songs of the year not released as singles are “sissy” and Todd’s “Tin Foil Hat”.

Theatre: I went to another reading of Marla Mase’s new memory play, somebody somewhere better pick it up.

Sports: Yanks continue to win, hammering and running 11 runs against one of the best starters of the year. Mets continue to lose but Matt looked better than we are used to. The Knicks can’t even get a decent pick in the lottery.

Concerts: Picked up a tix for Katy Perry and for Paramore … Future tomorrow, the xx Saturday…




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