These Days: Tuesday, April 18th, 2017

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Concerts: Clive Davis tomorrow but may I just add how sad I am that Tramps, on West 21st street, closed in 1999. I loved that room. I saw post-prison Steve Earle there, Jerry Lee lewis ON FIRE, Cameo, Aimee Mann, Alex Chilton,  Public Enemy (with an insane line to get in), and more. A fave hangout, if I wasn’t in the mood, I’d wander to the back, stand on an upside down garbage can, and watch from there.

Theatre: “Groundhog Day” opened to mixed reviews, while the New York Times loved it they overstated the case, and the Daily News got much closer to the truth. I wrote after a preview (here): “What is it with musicals and the lack of good music? I don’t expect Tim Minchin to be Rodgers and Hammerstein combined, but I do expect him to be a talented duffer like Andrew Lloyd Webber. It is astounding how bad the songs are here…” The News wrote: “Big on frat-boy snark but short on melodies to sink your ears into, songs by Tim Minchin (“Matilda”) strike the right tonal chords and are agreeable enough but don’t lodge in your brain.” It will run for a coupla years, two, three, like that, but it has a real problem in that it will be very difficult to take on the road.

Old Music: I put together setlists for Aimee Mann and Art Garfunkel as I try to decide which show to catch on Saturday and I am surprised how weak Aimee has become, I remember the woman when she was beyond cool. I caught her once at Tramps just before Bachelor # 2 was released (they sold an EP of songs that would eventually ended up on the album), and Aimee was a thing of beauty and wonder, a melody machine. No more.

New Music: That “Damn.” review for Popdose is finally over so I don’t have to force feed myself any more (here), I have been listening to “The Fate Of The Fury” soundtrack, which reminds me of a hip hop “Twilight”.

Politics: The new Hillary Clinton Presidential campaign autopsy, places the blame roundly with Clinton and her staff for refusing to acknowledge what was happening on the ground.  “Shattered,” by Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes, point the long finger of hubris directly at campaign manager Robby Mook. Clinton herself would claim misogyny was another reason but since  50.8 percent of Americans are women, the maths seems a little off. Really, it was a terrible, tone deaf campaign that I myself called the moment she claimed she’d be shutting down coal mines.

The  World: Turkey: President Recep Tayyip Erdogan just widened his powers to where we are today, he is a dictator. And there, my friends, you have it: talk down and hold power you don’t own or deserve.

Sports: The 9 -4 Yankees win again, their eighth in a row and I am overjoyed and ain’t that the truth.

The UK: You’d think UK politicians would learn their lesson but no: Theresa May Calls Early Election in U.K., Seeking Stronger Mandate for ‘Brexit’


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