These Days: Tuesday, April 4th, 2017

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Crime: In the first quarter crime was down 5% from last year which was ridiculously low to start with. But the problem isn’t crime as such, it is the perception, the feel, that the streets of New York are dodgier under de Blasio than it was under Bloomberg.Between homelessness, overcrowding on the subway, the jostling distemper of the country, the fear of terrorism as Trum guts funding… And the ancient Rome type corruption in the darkest corridors of power.  One thing for sure, Bill will be reelected and deserves it based upon his success against crime while stopping stop and frisk… those sideburns have to go…

Sports: So is this what I’m going to have to suffer through for the rest of my life? The Yanks losing and the Mets winning. Noah Syndergaard threw six shutout innings before leaving with a blister on his finger, but the bullpen shut it out. Mets beat the Braves 6 – 0. It is gonna be a long season…

More Sports: North Carolina  beat Gonzaga, 71-65 which to win the NCAA Tournament. There is a reason why I’m not a professional gambler but I could sworn on a stack of Bibles that this one was Gonzaga’s to lose and given the offenseless performance, I guess they chose to lose it.

The World: Four years ago, President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi of Egypt came to power after a military coup and the US refused to meet with the fascist thug. Well, that was then, and to be honest I am not sure I disagree with Trump’s decision to build bridges with a leader who supports the US whatever his shape. On the other hand, what’s the difference between Egypt’s rule of law and the US rule of law if you support him?

New Music: At the top of my singles listening jones is Jr Jr, whose new single “Same Dark Places” -with its hirn hooked chorus like a wild indie Samba, is terrific (Grade: A-), alt-j’s second goodie off their upcoming album is the Dead Or Alive soundalike through a grinder “In Cold Blood” (Grade: B+) and a song off the new Craig Finn album, “Rescue Me (Grade: A-) with the great line verse

“Jamie when we’re sailing off
High above the parking lots
Looking off the balcony
Well, that seems pretty pure to me”

It’s a great line (why? because of the pure) and the story song, a career criminal is living with a girl from the supermarket and slipping into love, is very very good. It is the purity of safety and love.

Old Music: I got a ticket to Eagles/Mac at Citi Field at the end of July, I already have the Mac portion up for resale and I already have that blue Greatest Hits album in heavy rotation. Also, Aloha Elvis, I think I’ll start thinking seriously about it.

Weather: Rain all day, thanks guys, thanks a lot.

Concerts: As mentioned, Craig Finn at City Winery (sold out, by the way… I know), True Groove tomorrow, Bette Midler in “Hello Dolly” on Friday and the Alec Baldwin interview on Sunday. Next week? Big Sean at Radio City…


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