These Days: Tuesday, February 14th, 2017

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Valentines Day: Valentines Day is to the lovelorn what Santa Claus is to poor children: They know they’re not loved so why not rub their noses in it for no reason whatsoever. A huge con invented by Hershey’s kisses and 1-800-FLOWERS, it is one of our worst inventions. Unless you are in love. In which case it is a terrific opportunity to tell the woman you love that you love her and I’ve been in love for years and years to Helen Bach, who I spoil rotten and who I can’t live without. We don’t even fight very much and in over six years have only had one blow out (her fault of course). I love to play with her and I love to tease her and I love to love her. Whatever way the wind blows, Toots.

Old Music: Without an ounce of faith in my heart, I love listening to the Quran recitations solely for the sound, though it comes with a price: it reminds me of my father’s burial back when I was fifteen. Oddly enough, my dad died almost exactly forty-seven years ago. I was at a sidewalk food cart last night at the prayers were being played on an Iphone, the words are sung spoke and are very beautiful, I consider it music by other means.

New Music: It takes a leap of huge proportions to consider DJ Khaled’s Bey and Jay Z featured “Shining” anything much more than a pretty good slice of elegant self-aggrandisation (Grade: B). Bey claps herself on the back, Jigga takes the time dis Drake: you know, love and hate at the same time.

Tour: I caught Metallica last year at Global Citizen and thought they were mind bogglingly great, but come off it. An outdoor concert, on a Monday, at Metlife, IN THE MIDDLE OF MAY???? What the hell, you start Spring tours on THE WEST COAST and you never force us out to a stadium on a Sunday. No idea whether I’m gonna go.

The Trump Administration: I think he is trying to wear us out and it is working. Headlines from today’s NYT: “Flynn Resigns as National Security Adviser,” “Steven Mnuchin Is Confirmed as Treasury Secretary,” “Trump’s Vow to Fill Guantánamo May Face First Test,” “Missile Test Crisis Is Handled Before Gawking Diners”…. Welcome to Tuesday, now fuck off.

India’s Air Pollution Rivals China’s as World’s Deadliest… I realize all I do is write negative things about our President, so here is something positive: I firmly believe that given a few years Trump can lead us to the top of this list and beyond.

Sports: Congratulations to UConn’s Women’s Basketball on their 100th… the rebuilding year after three of their top players graduated.

The Grammys: I’m no fan of the Grammys at all, but a race problem? Try telling that to Michael Jackson. To quote the late great ODB: n—- please…

Death: Bobby Freeman, who wrote “Do You Wanna Dance”, died yesterday at the age of 76…. 48 years after he wrote the masterpiece.


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  1. Ray Lemire

    Bobby Freeman didn’t die yesterday. He died on January 23. Hey, if you need some help keeping up, let me know. I work on a fairly inexpensive basis.


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