These Days: Tuesday, February 21st, 2017

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All Quiet On The Western Front: Oh, sure, if I wanted to there are some things I could tell you about POTUS yesterday you may have missed. That bit of weirdness where he claimed Sweden had suffered through a terrorist attack because instead of listening to the Secret Service, he picks her his #fakenews from Fox News, but, more or less, yesterday didn’t see any undocumented immigrants being rounded up, or reporters being called traitors or horses being elected to the Senate.

Oldies: Still on a George Strait – Elton John kick, moving restlessly between my recordings of both shows. Maybe I’m growing (Grown !) old. In April, Strait is back in Vegas, this time without an opening act, to perform 60 # 1 hits. Start packing. I’ve been listening to Nancy Sinatra after Kacey Musgraves covered “These Boots Were Made For Walking”… I’ve got some troubles but they won’t last.

Newies: Lana Del Rey, with her first song off her upcoming single and it is typical Lana only even prettier and moodier, big booming bass under (not over -it ain’t EDM) and Lana sings about to be young and in love. “It’s enough to just make me go crazy, crazy, crazy”.  (Grade: A-)

David Cassidy: So sorry for the immortal Keith Partridge, who has reported that he has dementia. You just can’t hide from life, it comes and finds you and shakes you like a ragdoll. From the biggest pop star in the world to a man who has just announced he will no long tour while he enjoys what remains of his life.

Death: Junie Morrison, the keyboarder player responsible for hits by the Ohio Players and Parliament, passses at the age of 62. Richard Schickel, the movie reviewer whose byline I’ve noted thousands of times it seems, dead at 84.


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