These Days: Tuesday, February 28th, 2017

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Trump Supporters Rally: The “resistance” has been heard of and now it is the time for the Trump supporters to show up. The numbers weren’t there, 150 people showed in Denver, but the fervor was. Much like comments on a controversial album review (yeah, but it is the best I’ve got), there is one positive to twenty negatives. Among the people who support Trump he has an 80% approval, I read the New York both Times and Post, and while they are always in opposition, to read Michael Goodwin followed by Tom Friedman and watch your head fall off. But there is no moral equivalency and while Republicans may have hated Obama as much as Democrats hate Trump, Obama wasn’t running a country fueled on so much hatred that it has seen a serious spike in anti-Jewish sentiment. And Trump’s beloved daughter has converted to Judaism.  No Mexicans, Muslims or Jews in 2017.

New Music: I couldn’t be more impressed with Future’s HNDRXX, every track shines through as gorgeous modern r&b. After the business as usual Future, released three weeks ago, this is revelatory. Last week’s new singles (it’ll be up tomorrow) found three songs entering my best singles of 2017, two featuring Nicki Minaj and one a country guy I never liked before.

Old Music: Readying myself to review the Hudson Theatre revival of “Sunday In The Park With George,” I’ve been listening to the Mandy Patinkin-Bernadette Peters original cast…. artists are indeed bizarre.

The Homeless: I was watching Mayor De Blasio on New York One last night, he is about to give a large address concerning the very serious problem. While homelessness has gotten worse and worse since the Koch administration, the poke came because the progressive leader weakened enforcement when he first came to power. Deflecting it to the past thirty years will only work up to a point. One thing the Mayor is doing that I admire, is providing free buses for homeless children from the shelters to their public schools.

Death: Alan Colmes, the democratic half of Fox News always lively Hannity And Colmes, was a lively and agreeable foil to Hannity. Hannity said: “The thing that most people never understood about us is we had political differences, but were best friends. What we did on the air was real, but when the show ended, we put all that aside, and we could do that because of his fundamental decency. Alan always held his own and when he left, he said: ‘I did my job. I got Barack Obama elected.’”

New York Not So Good: “New York ranks No. 17 in Best States report with lousy ratings in areas like economy, opportunity and affordability.” Thank Cuomo, thanks a lot.

Citizenship Test: I am boning up for mine, Federal, Executive, Senators, Governors…  I just answered two questions, and I’m not worried though it is certainly interesting enough.



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