These Days: Tuesday, February 7th, 2017

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The Playboy Club Returning To Times Square: In one of those headlines you don’t expect to ever read about, the Playboy is heading back after THIRTY YEARS. There are still Playboy Clubs in London, India, and, er, Hanoi? Playboy Enterprises promises “it will be one of the most chic and sophisticated venues in the world.” I used to hang at the Manchester, England, Playboy Club in the 1970s: the food was great, the girls gorgeous, and the gambling available. I don’t think two of those things will quite fly in 2017.

Sports: I am so tired of professional sports in this city. Whatever you might believe, Melo is the best thing about the Knicks and if (and when) Phil trades him to the Cavs there will be no reason to watch this team that seems simply incapable of winning a damn game. They can come back from a 27 point deficit, they can take it to double overtime, they can make last second heroics, and they still lose. And don’t get me started on the Yanks.

POTUS: Claims underreporting of Islamic violence by the media which could be only more if they had gotten that damn Bowling Green massacre right. I mean, really.

Television: Meanwhile, NYT has dubbed Fox’s “24: legacy” Islamophobic. And it is on Hulu at a crisp 44 minutes without commercials (the only way left to watch commercials, especially since all I myself do is watch commercials): “We open on an American home defiled — family pictures, a Purple Heart, blood spatter on the walls. A jihadist kill team has slipped into the United States, slaughtering men, women and children, looking for a database of sleeper cells waiting to be activated. That kind of supercompetent Islamic terror group is a staple in series like “24.” Not so much in real life, where after 9/11, Islamic terrorists in America have tended to be radicalized individuals or duos.” A must see.

Old Music: Yesterday was Bob Marley’s birthday. I, and you, know all Marley’s al;bums backwards. Of course, right? That’s what you do when you’re sixty years old. But I went straight to the greatest Greatest Hits of all time, Legend. And not the reboot double, but the original, slim and furious album, which is, simply, one masterpiece after another. A completely beloved, timeless thrill that never ever ages. Indeed, neither reggae nor reggaeton nor any other form of pop music has ever matched it (Grade: A+). Listen folks, Legend ends with “Jamming” -sure, I don’t necessarily disagree with adding “Punky Reggae Party” but no, resist.

New Music: While it doesn’t NECESSARILY mean that it was a bad week for music, it is only Tuesday and I am tired of the new releases. I went and took a look at Wiley and discovered a new, killer single “Handle Ya Business” (Grade: A-)  not on Godfather -the album of the year if the year ended in January.

Movies: I didn’t much like “Arrival” the first time I saw it, but watching it again it is a really terrific sci fi movie about the right to life.


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