These Days: Tuesday, February 9th, 2016

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Live: If you’ve been paying attention, Beyonce has followed up a great new song “Formation” with a pretty good video (my friend Eric Steeples appears in it wearing a mask!), then used the Super Bowl to promote her US Arena tour this summer. Tickets to her June 7th gig at Citifield are on AMEX presale today at noon.

More Live: Of course, what Bey has done by putting them on sale immediately is called maintaining the buzz: something AEG’s “Paramount” should seriously consider.

More More Live: What is all this early June live shows stuff? What if the weather sucks? June 7th is two days after Governors Ball.

More More More Live: if the Beach Boys think I am wandering around Brooklyn at 11 at night searching for the Q train, they’ve got another think coming.

Recorded: “Formation” is a great song, you know. But otherwise, I am beginning to think of next week. I was listening to the new Lucinda Williams on the way home -man, what a bummer but in a good way.

The Road To The Presidency: Bernie Sanders showed himself a good sport on SNL, though I like him about as much as I like Larry David. My sentiments are with my late father Charif, I don’t like giving all my money to the Government and it is my firm belief, paving roads ain’t worth 50% of my money.




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