These Days: Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

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The End Of The Obama Years: As his last days as President descends upon us there is one thing that can be said for certain, he maintained the highest personal integrity while refusing to let the US lose on any new wars. But watching him try and maintain his legacy the price for executive fiat becomes clear as the GOP headed by Donald Trump get to their work of undoing everything from destroying our mountains to destroying OBbmacare (50 Million insured) to destroying Roe Vs Wade. The future may not access Obama as one of the greats, he needed to fix the economy and instead we got stagnant wages and endless recession, but it will judge him a decent man in a job increasingly difficult to be decent in.

SNL is terrible: I have Hulu Premium and that means I can watch network television without commercials and that also means that on Sundays I watch the 66 minute version of Saturday Night Live and they need to figure out what they want to do with Donald Trump because Alec Baldwin’s pathetic version is unwatchable. The President Elect may deserve no better but for sure we deserve some very clever satire. Baldwin’s mewling, repulsive, even worse that the real deal Trump isn’t working. It isn’t funny. Perhaps if they satirized Trump by negating him, everything that happens perform it as the opposite: instead of prostitutes peeing on beds in Russian hotel rooms, have Trump being visited by nuns who he helps fund an orphanage for: you can make fun of Trump by comparison. Making him worse isn’t working.

Movies: I was surprised I enjoyed “La La Land” so much, especially since as musicals go the singing is average at best and the music terrible though the dancing is good enough and the big dance scenes work alright with me. I appreciate musical realism and I enjoyed moment after moment here. But it worked because Emma Stone is a terrific actress and Ryan Gosling has magic with her on screen. There is an innocence but not a naivete about Stone that is a pleasure to watch. The movie is exceedingly kind and decent, no nudity, no vulgarity, no drugs: it is old fashioned in its encompassing view of Los Angeles. I watched the Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers “Shall We Dance” (songs by the Gershwins), and this isn’t that, but it is in the spirit of all great Hollywood musicals.

New Music: Finally finished off my Ryan Adams review, I slept on it all weekend, wrote half yesterday and completed it today. As always, I wasn’t overjoyed with the finished article  but it will have to do.

Old Music: Now I am ready for a serious push on Musicology. Hopefully I can get to work on it during my lunch break.

The Boogie Down Bronx: “Planners are hoping to tap into this rich history with a new music venue, the Bronx Music Hall, to be built in the Melrose neighborhood. Ground was broken on Friday on a 300-seat space that will be part of an affordable housing complex.”


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