These Days: Tuesday, January 24th, 2017

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Old Music: These are such down down down and depressing days, a cold winter spurred on by 60 mph winds, and a climate almost bizarrely aggressive and nasty, I found myself putting my Migos away and reaching for Johannes Brahms. Brahms started his career playing in Taverns (we might call em bars today!), till moved on to become a beloved composer, his favorites being German folk songs adapted for orchestras. They aren’t lullabies really, but there is something so deeply civilized about the sound it eases you through the day. I’ve listened to Mozart, Bach and Brahms all year. I would say more than the entire 2016 classical input combined. Not even modern classical (if you see what I mean), just classical classical. I really am not certain why I am so jumpy…. but I needed a different remedy that Bridge Over Troubled Water.

New Music: Ray Davies has a new song, with back up by the Jayhawks! “Poetry” is off Sir Ray’s April 21st album Americana. I like if fine  though I did go back to his last album, Working Man’s Cafe. I always sign up one of the songs, the sublime “In A Moment”, as my break up track from one of the deepest romantic wounds I’ve ever suffered through. Otherwise I am readying myself for Falling In Reverse with a set list. Also, I just got a link to the always wonderful Phoebe Legere’s new album, expect a review soon enough.

Sports: I’m betting against the Pats -I know I’m gonna lose but I don’t care, I hate them so much much, that bellicose bastard Bill Belichick and his ball deflating boy wonder Brady… yuck.

President Trump: ” President Donald Trump is the first elected president in Gallup’s polling history to receive an initial job approval rating below the majority level. He starts his term in office with 45% of Americans approving of the way he is handling his new job, 45% disapproving and 10% yet to form an opinion. Trump now holds the record for the lowest initial job approval rating as well as the highest initial disapproval rating in Gallup surveys dating back to Dwight D. Eisenhower.” Yes, but two things here. 1 – it is up 5% and 2 – Republicans and Democrats are split by party line and so the independents are simply split in half.

Weather: After the gale force winds and relentless rain yesterday, welcome to Tuesday with a high of 36 degrees.


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