These Days: Tuesday, March 14th, 2017

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Winter Storm Stella: They promised us a snowstorm and I guess we’re getting one -it sounds nasty enough outside my window. Here at home, I can get to work early and start getting my myself caught up with few interruptions. I wonder if one day offices will be antiquated and everybody works from home? Meanwhile, how is it possible meteorologists can’t accurately predict a storm a day away with more accuracy? Why not know it down to the second?

Snow Day SXSW Style: Today is the big travel day to SXSW and I guess New York City isn’t gonna be well represented as we are all stranded in nyc.

Oldies: For no particularly good reason, I have been listening to Blur’s excellent sophomore effort, where Blur became Blur, Modern Life Is Rubbish (Grade: A). Also a Sister Sledge greatest hits, and the family voices sounds like doo wop by other means.

Newbies: More and more, albums become favorite songs when no one can sustain interest for 40 minutes of first rate material. Charli XCX is terrific over a song or so but sit down and listen to the entire album? You can’t do it. That’s the problem with modern albums, they don’t sustain the vision.

Death: The Chameleons -a UK post-punk band from the 80s, drum John Levy is dead.  Jay Lynch, Bazooka Joe comic strip illustrate, has passed,. Amy Krouse Rosenthal, the children’s book writer, who ten days ago went viral with her “You Might Want To Marry My Husband” column in the Times ten days ago, dead at 51: ““I want more time with Jason. I want more time with my children. I want more time sipping martinis at the Green Mill Jazz Club on Thursday nights. But that is not going to happen. I probably have only a few days left being a person on this planet. So why I am doing this? I am wrapping this up on Valentine’s Day and the most genuine, non-vase-oriented gift I can hope for is that the right person reads this, finds Jason, and another love story begins.”

Wiretapping Trump style: Of course there is no proof whatsoever, as Trumps folks try and deny what POTUS claimed. From the New York Post: “I don’t even know where the satire begins,” Rep. Mike Quigley (D-IL) told CNN’s Erin Burnett, in response to Trump’s unsubstantiated Twitter accusations that then-President Obama had wiretapped his phone lines in Trump Tower during the 2016 campaign… During his explanation Monday, Spicer claimed that Trump meant “surveillance and other activities” when he used the words “wire tapping.” “It’s so absurd, I suggest that the White House put their best person on this investigation themselves,” Quigley snarked. “At this point, it sounds like Inspector Clouseau.”

Middle East Special Envoy: Howard Greenblatt is the man, visiting the Middle East to help negotiate peace between Israel and Palestine, and maybe I’m being anti-Semitic here but surely this is one job where a person of the Jewish persuasion might be considered, what’s the word,  biased as fuck. Surely, a Scientologist would be more reasonable. Why is it the US keeps on sending Jewish people to negotiate with Palestinians?

Time Crystals: Physicists have announced the first synthesis of Time Crystals: “A violation in time-translation symmetry means that under certain conditions or select cases energy is not a conserved quantity and that laws of nature themselves are variable with time.”




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