These Days: Tuesday, March 28th, 2017

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Tidal And Prince’s Estate Go To Court: OK, NPG Records claim Tidal was given a 90 day exclusive for HitNRun and also streamed his catalog without permission. But Tidal have an ace in the whole when it comes to Prince: they gave him equity in the streaming service in return for exclusive streaming of his catalog. According to Billboard “Aspiro AB, the Swedish co-owner of Tidal, is primed to add more to its defense than just the Hit n Run licensing agreement. Aspiro raises up an Equity Term Sheet dated July 19, 2015 wherein Nelson “became an artist equity-owner of TIDAL and received additional consideration.” The deal, says Aspiro, obligated Prince to grant to Tidal the streaming rights to his catalog of recordings. It figures to be controversial. “Plaintiffs’ conclusory allegations regarding the propriety of the Equity Term Sheet are unsupported and contradicted by other documentary evidence that Aspiro has produced to Plaintiffs, including a binding Power of Attorney pursuant to which the Equity Term Sheet was signed on Mr. Nelson’s behalf,” states Aspiro in court papers.” I think we’re all waiting to see this Power Of Attorney (I’d rather see it than hear a new Prince album) I somehow doubt Tidal would be so reckless as to fake it and I also would be shocked if the Prince estate was so stupid as to go to war if there was an agreement in place. Here is another question, has Tidal paid Prince or his estate anything?

Iraq: 200 dead as the US goes after ISIS and kills civilians. Hardly to demonize Trump any more or less than demonizing Obama or indeed the US as a country. Even today, even at peace, the US have a brutal indifference to other countries civilians.There is a bloodlust to countries with weapons, there is an itching to see how they work.

The World: “Six years after its last famine, another is about to tighten its grip on Somalia. South Sudan, Nigeria and Yemen are also at risk.” Read that right? Famine. In 2017 huge countries like Yemen and Nigeria face famine? It’s disgraceful and there is no answer I can think of. Try and help em and the government pockets the aid, the only way to really help is by putting armed forces on the ground and handing out food and services.

New Music: This is the time of the week I try my best to go back and listen to last weeks new releases. Mount Eerie and Jessi Colter still sound hugely moving, Craig Finn is a personal best. But lots of stuff simply doesn’t. Put Gorillaz at the top of my list of most overrated of the week, four songs and they all irritate.

Old Music: The good folks over at Apple Music stuck an excellent playlist on my “For You” list. Drake verses on other artists albums over the year, a pure pleasure.

Sports: There is no sports in New York, go about your business till baseball begins.

Concerts: I am in nah, I’m passing mode right now. I’ve passed on Diana Krall AND Pitbull. Otherwise a quiet week for concerts. It is an age thing I think, I can’t do the weekday two day step with a busy full time job. I have that Garden Of Laughs gig tonight…

Television: Speaking of comedy….  I saw Dave Chappelle at Radio City and thought he was funny but not very funny (here), his Netflix Special Live in LA, I thought he was very very funny. Hysterical on Bill Cosby raping 54 women and funnier  still  on shaking OJ Simpson’s hand (Yes, he is a murderer but he RAN FOR 11,000 YARDS). Grade: A-.





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